Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have a fear that at any moment I'm going to spring a flat on my bike, be 10-20 miles away from car and have to walk back with my cycling shoes while crying the whole way.

Maybe I should really think about taking that class at my bike shop on how to change a bike tire....

I like to think that my blond hair and crocodile tears could, at any point, be enough to have some professional-ish type cyclist change my tire but what happens on race day when of course everyone is concerned about times and not concerned ONE BIT about my flat tire....note to self **Take the bike maintenance class at the shop**

I thought I had a flat yesterday --- It seems as though my paranoia of having flat tires on my car translates to my bike....

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So yesterday I went out for a short ride on the trails around my office.  It was HOT, HUMID and nasty... but I averaged about a 16mph pace which is good for me.  It was not on a road so I had my tunes going...the trails were not crowded and all in all it was a pretty good little ride. 

I signed up yesterday for a 30 mile ride on October 2 for LiveStrong day.  It's a free ride out in Flower Mound and I've convinced Amber to do it with me.... she's going to be equipped in a Hello Kitty helmet and princess elbow pads...j/k BUT I'm super excited she's going to ride with me!  It will be fun to ride through our hometown together!  Definitely may need to stop by the Sonic out there just for old times sake!

Tonight is swim/run....and hopefully ranger game! It's the last $1 hot dog night of the season and it looks like Cayla, Bill and I will be gracing the Ballpark with our presence.

One thing I love about working out so much - my appetite skyrockets... EAT EAT EAT!!!!

Not that that really changes during non-training....

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  1. Just watch a youtube video about changing your tires...and practice a couple of times at home! Oh, and carry your cell phone with you careful out there!


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