Friday, October 1, 2010

I ran 5 miles...

Let me repeat that... I freakin' ran 5 miles!! ALL 5!  Not a second of walking.... and I ran it at a faster pace than my 4 miler the other day.... by like a few seconds per mile but still faster!!

I was so excited I took a picture for you.....HOWEVER, my work email SUCKS ... I took it with my iphone.. I can't blog from iphone AND I can't access YAHOO at work...quite the condundrum I find myself in ... SO  I emailed the picture from my yahoo account to my work email (thinking I can download, insert ,VOILA you can see me a hot sweaty mess), BUT - when I emailed from yahoo to work... work flagged me for a "non work related image" and my email was forwarded to Global Compliance.

SOOO instead of YOU getting to see me a hot sweaty mess....Global Compliance gets to have a nice surprise on a Friday.

I felt great after my run ...drank a ton of water, drove home, showered, and then for about 30 minutes I felt like I was going to vomit.

I sat on the couch continued to drink water and rest and literally felt like at any  moment I was going to hurl.  I decided I needed something I got a diet coke.  I'm pretty sure you can consider a diet coke to be medicine... it cured me.... I was fine after that and continued on with my evening.

Today is a swim to focus on balance and position in the water...this mean not a lot of yards  but slow swimming trying to execute technique; and thena 30 minute bike ride.

In the morning I have a 30 mile ride for Livestrong Day (Don't forget to wear your yellow tomorrow) and a 5 mile run.

Have a great weekend....keep movin'.

Also go Check out Patrick of The Road or Big Clyde from The Clydesdale Project and see their OcktoberFast Challenge.....Pretty neat huh?


Go visit Diana - at Diana Tries a Tri!

She' giving an AWESOME giveaway of Gu's, chomps, and goodies!!!

Go leave her some love!!!


  1. I will be wearing my yellow for my morning run :+)

  2. Hi I am a new follower! Saw you on Diana's blog. We also have a giveaway going on if you want to check it out. Congrats on the 5 miles!

  3. Way to go on your 5 miles.
    totally awesome


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