Thursday, October 28, 2010

Livestrong Part 2 (and pics)

Sunday we woke up.... It was one of those days where we should have stayed in bed.

I had a TERRIBLE headache that started on Saturday and apparently decided it liked me so much it stayed until yesterday... seriously I didn't get rid of it until yesterday.... sometimes it still lingers which called for a massage.  So I scheduled one for tomorrow....what up!

We were up early and departed by 6:45am.  The ride was out in Dripping Springs and the two lane road from Austin to D.S. is quite congested as you can imagine with 3,100+ riders.

We arrived at the parking area and this happened...

We fell into a culvert.... it was  hidden but it was NOT a good start to the morning.
Newbie and Me

 Newbie, Me, Cayla
While we prepared for the ride THANK GOD Zeke, Della and my mom were there to man the issue.  While we were out riding, Zeke found a tow rope and pulled out Cayla's Jeep with Della's car....It was a great sight to see her car like this:

when we rode into the finish.

The ride start is pretty congested... Riders are everywhere and though they try really hard to keep you separated by mileage it rarely ends in a swift start.  You end up walking bike for like 10 minutes before you can actually get on and start riding.
 Mom tried to get Lance
Cayla (after a frustrating morning) took off for her ride... Newbie and met up with her at Mile 7 - when she had a flat on bike tire...FML....

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful (minus those god-forsaken hills in Dripping Springs)...

After the race we hit up the swag tents, some food tents and I played with Coop with the kids area... we hit the road for home and called it a weekend.....

More pics for you:

 Cayla, Me, Newbie and Della

 What it's all about.... love you Jess 

 The run start

The sun rising over Austin


With Lance... or the larger than life size poster of him
heading out on the bike

Coop waiting for us to come in....
 After the ride at the post-event party!

 With Zeke!



  1. Congrats girl - what a great way to honor your BFF. Sounds like a great weekend, despite all the mishaps!

  2. Congrats, those are some awesome pictures. What an awesome way to honor your best friend. BUMMER about that sneaky culvert, but it looks like you got out OK.


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