Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monster Tri 2 - Race Report

What a great race!  The race was hosted by Dallas Athletes; this is the first time I have raced one of their events and they put on a wonderful, organized and FUN event!  Shall we start from the beginning?

The alarm went off at 5am...late start for the previous triathlon's I've raced.  I headed down stairs and ate my normal breakfast, grapenuts and skim milk.  Pulled my water bottles out of the freezer and then headed back upstairs to get dressed.  Bill was still sleeping.... he said wake him up 10 min. before we left.

I got dressed (outfit below), woke Bill up, loaded my bike (loaded Bill), and we headed out.

The race was about a 40 minute drive from Bill's house.  We parked, I grabbed my new Mizzuno Triathlon Bag, unracked my bike and Bill stayed in the car for a little nappy.

I can't tell you enough how organized this race was.  If you are ever in Texas, or you are local, you should try and check out a DSU/DA race next year.

Body marking went smooth, 190 was my race number. Into transition I went to set up.

I was racked on the second set of bike racks, not a bad spot actually. ( I wish I would have taken pictures) I ran back out to the car to check on Bill and then headed in for a quick warm up in the pool.  The pool was set with 10 lanes.  It was a 250 yd swim so each lane was 25 yards.  This was nice because you only had swimmers going one direction, rather than both (which I have experienced before and can be a nightmare).

After I warmed up I ran into my friend Cassie, who came to cheer me and another one of her friends on.  My mom arrived with my nephew Cooper, Bill and his brother Paul also came!  What sweet friends and family I am blessed to have.

We lined up somewhat numerically, another plus, they weren't sticklers on the line up, and had our pre-race meeting.  Typical, USAT referee/race director meeting...these are the rules, follow them or you will be DQ'd, etc, etc....


The first athlete was in the pool.......

I met the nicest lady in line, her 4 and 6 year old are doing a kids tri next weekend, how cute is that?!?

We inched closer to the swim start, I checked my watch.... walked across the timing mat, and jumped in.  (Forgetting to start my watch -- DAMMIT!!!) I didn't figure out that I forgot to start to my watch until I was heading out on the bike.... oh well... back to the swim.

The swim was fairly uneventful.... pretty quick and freaking out, good easy swim...I saved my legs for the bike, I probably literally kicked like 10 times.....oops....

Headed out of the swim and into T1 it was freezing..... good thing I bought my Pearl Izumi Arm Warmers yesterday!!

 (out of the swim headed to T1)

Hopped on my bike at the mount line and I was off..... I was freezing until about mile 6.  Literally freezing....

(headed out onto the bike course)

The course was an 8 mile out and 8 mile back, 16 miles total (it ended up being about 16.5 by my bikes computer) At mile 9 I inhaled a bug.... it grossed me out and I continued to spit like a crazy person for the next 3/4 of a mile.... inhaling as much water and Gatorade as I could to wash out the demon that had invaded my trachea.  Seriously it was gross... .at one point, I said to myself, well at least it's protein...maybe I couldn't be on Survivor like I originally thought.  I digress.......

The bike course was "rolling hills".... I still envision "rolling hills" to be easy small mini-hills.... I really think I need to alter my definition.  This happened last season in Rockwall....the race had "rolling hills"... I should have learned my lesson.  So it was pretty hilly and very windy.

By my best guess, I think I averaged around 16 mph on the course.  I was right over an hour (my bike computer said 1:04ish) and the course went about 1/2 mile longer... we shall see when the race results are in officially.

I was feeling really, really, good on the bike.  I kept thinking about how last year had I ridden the same course I would have been dying...and there would have been no way I would have EVER averaged a sub-10 minute mile... EVER!  I was feeling pretty strong and pretty proud of myself.

Heading into T2 my feet were numb.  I don't wear socks with my bike shoes, they are designed tri shoes so you don't have to; plus socks always get wet and are never dry for the run so I ride sans socks.  It hurt to run in my bike shoes to transition so I was thinking I can't imagine what this is going to be like for at least a mile... yikes...  T2 - dry feet, put on socks, slip on running shoes, grab my hat, sunglasses and head out.....

(headed out for my first loop)

The run was 3 miles (3, 1 mile loops).  I'm not a big fan of loops... I hate seeing people finish when I have to go out for my 2nd and 3rd's defeating...but it's my race..not you keep looping, keep running and keep going...until you finish.  That's your goal...finish!

 (onto the 2nd loop)

By mile 2 my feet were no longer numb, I was smiling and feeling great!

(One loop left!)
Finished my run with an average (again best guess) 9:47 mile.... whoop!  I crossed the finish line, had a medal placed around my neck (a cute little coffin and goblin medal),  got a little ART (Active Release Therapy)from the Chiropractor on site for that pesky crick I've had in my neck since Wednesday, grabbed a free powerade (and one for Bill too) and went to give Bill a big sweaty hug and kiss :)

(headed to the finish line!)
It was a fun race and I'm sad it's my first and last one of the season.  There is something that is addictive about triathlons...or racing in!

(Put your antlers up!!! GO RANGERS!)

 (Coop and me)
 (Bill and me) 

 (Bill, Coop, and me ~ Coop had to get in this one!) 


  1. Whenever an RD describes the course as "rolling" prepare to climb. Just my experience. Nice job, especially while being super cold.

  2. Whoo hoo! Great job! I really want to do a Tri next year. I feel like I have a good handle on the running and swimming part, it's the biking part that scares me! Lol

  3. Thanks for the race report. I'm planning on running my first triathon in 2011 and was doing some research and came across your blog. This looks like it might be a good 1st race for me. Thanks again!


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