Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pre-Race packing

Tomorrow is Tri-Day!! YAY!!! My first one (and last one) of the season.... I'm super excited and it's making me wish I had raced more this season. OH well...there's always next season.

Had a great ride with Cayla this morning, did some shopping at the Pearl Izumi store, ate lunch, picked up my packing, bought a real triathlon bag (at the place where I picked up my packet) and now I'm ready to start packing, eat a good pasta dinner, and head to bed early!!!

Full race report will follow tomorrow or Monday....hopefully with pictures if I can convince Bill to take them!

YAY for race weekend :)

Race Goals: 

250 yd swim: 6 min
16 mile bike: 1:10 min (13.7mph pace - the race course is hilly apparently)
3 mile run: 33 min (11 min. mile)

Total Time: 1 hr and 49 min.


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