Monday, October 11, 2010

Training Recap + Weekend Recap = one long post

Good morning lovelies!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I sure did!

First things first... Training Recap for the week:

Swim: 1800 yds, 2 workouts - My swimming right now is focused on breathing and correct form. The master's swim class has been worth every dollar of the $35 it is costing me per month.  Seriously.  You should find one in your area if you want to work on form, technique, and effeciency.  I have two more work outs focused on drills, then I will be worked into the normal workouts which average 3000 yds per workout.

Bike: 42 miles - Saturday morning are my long rides so this makes up the most of my mileage currently.  I tried a new ride with the PBA on Saturday and it's still too slow for my pace.  Not sure if I'm ready for the "tweener" ride (45 miles at 16mph average) but - I think after I get through this race weekend I may try it.  It is not a no drop ride so if I get dropped I can always make my way home.

Run: 5 miles (should have been 11) - I missed my Sunday 6 mile run.  Which means I'm going to have to work in the mileage this week.  Not sure if I will work in one extra 6 mile run on my day off or possibly work in two three milers.  I need to talk with Lea and see.  I bought new running shoes on Friday and was kinda ticked  I missed my run to try them out.  Oh well, if the weather cooperates today I may try and sneak in a few miles just as a test run.  (Look forward to a shoe post soon)

Total Mileage: 48.02 miles.5.5 hours

Weekend Recap:

Ummm... it was a baseball weekend for this girl.  My Texas Rangers came home with a 2 game lead in the ALDS vs. Tampa Bay.  Bill bought tickets for the Saturday night game and we loaded up and headed out for a tailgate after my bike ride on Saturday.  Poor Rangers couldn't pull it out - but that was a-ok because we had tickets for Sunday's game too.... 20 rows behind home plate to be exact :)  BUT - disappointing...couldn't clinch then it's back to Tampa for game 5.

We purchased game 7 ALCS tickets (saying we go to game 7 versus the Yanks - first seeing that we wrap up the ALDS in Tampa).....

So I'm off to work...the big wigs are here....gotta go schmooooze...HOLLA!


  1. i'm tired reading about your workouts! You go girl!!!

  2. you had a great week! Nice job!!!


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