Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 8

Day 8: A place I've Traveled to....

I've had the great fortune of traveling all over the U.S. for work and pleasure; with one visit to Mexico last July.  Actually I've been to Mexico three times - this last July to Cabo, when I was 18 to Matamores and when I was 23 to Tijuana (with my mom).  So I can't really count Matamores and Tijuana....they are border towns and no passport was necessary.

I loved Cabo when Bill and I went in July.  We were fortunate to have gone on a work trip for Bill so we were only responsible for our play money past $200.  His supplier gave us $200 spending money - that's alot when all you have to spend money on is souvenirs (can we high-five for all inclusive resorts?)

I can't wait for another tropical get-a-way with Bill - or a European get-a-way - or any get-a-way for that matter :)

Update: **It's now 3:48pm and I've been trying to work on this post since 8:30am.... work has been crazy!**

If I had time I would upload super fun pictures... but considering it's taken 7 hours to get three paragraphs written - you may just have to wait :)

Our Mexican vacation was tremendous - it was a wonderful time to reconnect with each other and spend some time with our Republic National family :)

Tomorrow: Day 9: A picture of your friends.... watch out now.....

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