Monday, November 8, 2010

Parental Units....

Something must be wrong with my scheduling (or operator error)  This post was supposed to post yesterday! Argh....

My Parents: Day 4...

My Mom:

The youngest of two children, the only girl.  She grew up riding horses and was more than once the rodeo queen.  She raced barrels competitively and loved being around her horses.  She was a cheerleader as well and was every young man's dream.

She went to college for a short time and decided it wasn't for her.  She ended up graduating from secretarial school at the advice of my grandfather who said "you don't have to go to college, but you have to do something".  She was employed shortly after graduation at Southwest Airlines where she continues to work today.

My mom is the prime example of hard work, dedication, unconditional love and acceptance.  She had a strong disciplinarian hand but a soft heart.  There was always more love than you could imagine, even when she was exceptionally pissed off.  She can put anyone in their place...from jackasses to CEO's and attorneys.  She is completely fearless, a pillar of strength, and every ounce of what I hope to be as a mother.

She is timeless, the perfect MeMe(grandmother), the perfect and BEST mom I could ever ask for.  She gave me my determination, drive, and every strand of my blonde hair.  She can't deny me - we look way too similar.  She is my mother, my best friend, and mentor.  I am lucky to call her MOM and I hope she feels like she won with me!

My Dad:

The high school basketball player, complete jock and total opposite of my mom growing up.  My dad had a rough life growing up (I'll spare you the details).  He loved basketball and football and didn't know the front from the back of a horse.

Shortly after high school graduation he enlisted in the Navy.  He spent 4 years in the navy. 

My dad was a great dad.  He always coached our softball, basketball and soccer teams.  He never missed a game growing up.  He strived to give us everything we ever wanted.  Unfortunately as he got older depression and illness took a turn for the worse.

My parents ended up divorcing my senior year of college.  My dad and I tried to maintain a relationship post divorce, but with some of the decisions he had made I found it hard to relate to him (even forgive him) for what he had done.  Inevitably it led to obligatory holiday visits and awkward infrequent phone calls.  My dad passed away in 2006....on the weekend before Bill and I’s one year anniversary.

My parents are amazing people.  I had a wonderful childhood filled with great memories, laughs, and love.  I never doubted for one minute that my parents loved me.  I don't have a story book ending to a seemingly perfect childhood (but who does).  There is never a perfect parent or family - but my parents and family are PERFECT for me.

Tomorrow: My Siblings


  1. Are you sure that's you mom and not an older sister? She's looking good...

    Not meant to be creepy.

  2. LMAO at Patricks comment... nice one.

    I love these posts, keep them coming :+)

  3. that picture of you and your mom is GREAT!!! Such pretty ladies!


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