Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday randomness....

It randomly decided to get cold today.  Low 50's (I know for you Canadians that read this - this is nothing compared to what you experience) HOWEVER - it is cold for Texas... not only is it cold, it's windy AND rainy.... like torrential downpour type rain.  It's pretty rad that I have a 3 mile run AND a 30 minute bike scheduled for today.  Guess that will have to be moved indoors.....

Which reminds me... I guess its time to take my coats to the dry cleaners.... I loathe the dry cleaners.  It ticks me off every time I go b/c my clothes are always WAY more expensive than Bill's.... He can get practically his whole closet dry cleaned for the same price I can get one shirt, a skirt and a jacket.  It's irritating... I think I should dig up the expose that 20/20 did a Loooong time ago about why women's clothes cost more at the dry cleaner.  I would be interested to know that.... I do remember it was before I had TiVo therefore - I did not watch it.  Oh my younger days when I did something on a Friday night besides watch 20/20.

Alas - we get older each  year and our priorities change.... speaking of - hop on over to Mrs. Adventure and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  She is such an amazing blogger, woman, wife and friend...... leave her some love and pay it forward as a present to her.

Work is really quiet today....a little eerie actually.  My brain is already in weekend mode... which equals mush.....

Oh yes - we got a third dog.... did I forget to mention that?  Deuce and Shakes now have a sister.  She is a year and half old shepard/terrier/mut mix.  She is 25 pounds and absolutely precious.  Her name is Sprite... but we don't like it so we are re-naming her Lyla (Short for Deliliah)..... I wish I had pictures but we brought her home late last night and spent a few hours integrating her with her brothers.

Our friends Nick and Kaci foster dogs from a kill shelter in town.  They take them right before they are going to be euthanized.  They have been fostering her for a few weeks now and have yet to find her a home.  Nick approached Bill about fostering her and we decided we would.  However, I'm pretty sure that this is going to turn into a permanent placement. Which I'm totally fine with...she is so precious.  I'll post pictures as soon as I take them....

How is your Tuesday????? 


  1. Ooooh I can't wait to meet her ;-) thanks for the birthday shout out your the best!

  2. The rain was bananas and even continued into today. Thankfully it is finally gone now. Couldn't take it much longer. I have a pond next to my pool in the backyard b/c of it.

    Thanks for posting the banner. Means a lot to me.


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