Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Now that I'm not feeling like death.... I can actually look forward to the next two days of Christmas festivities!

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year!

Today we are out early from work - which is GREAT considering I have one lingering Christmas present to purchase..... once I get that completed it's home to wrap all the gifts.

We have the same routine every year for Christmas...... Christmas Eve I spend the day at my mom's house helping her cook and get ready for family that comes over on Christmas Eve night.  Bill works all day and all night (until 9pm - people like to buy liquor on Christmas Eve) and then he joins us for our traditional drink/eat fest at The Compound.

I should explain The Compound....

The Compound is my mom's house....the house I grew up in..... we have 20 acres in the middle of the city.  When I was growing up - it was a two lane dirt road and you didn't come out there if you weren't coming specifically to our house.

It was an awesome place to grow up... my grandparents lived next door.  I had horses, cows, pigs, chickens.... it was all country but still close to the city.

Now the city has built up around us.  We still have all of our land (including the cows, horses, chickens, goats, etc) but the road that used to be dirt is now four lanes and paved.  There is HUGE community activity center across the street, fully equipped with baseball and softball fields.

Currently my mom, one sister, her husband, their two kids live in one house.... my grandpa and a family friend live in the other. = THE COMPOUND.

It's one of my favorite places to be....with my family.

Christmas Eve we always go there. My mom has made a ton of food - the wine is flowing and we get to open one present.  It's ALWAYS our Christmas PJ's.  Usually matching...but not this year...this year they are "coordinated"....

We sit around drink, laugh, and have an all around good time.  Bill and I spend the night over there and do Christmas morning with the kiddos and then head to his brother's that night.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Now off to finish work, finish Christmas shopping, hopefully work out, and start a mayhem of wrapping......


  1. wow! Your mom's house sounds amazing! I love the tradition of cooking with her on Christmas Eve...I will be away from my mom this Christmas and really missing her! Happy very merry day!

  2. Sounds like a good tradition. I don't know that I have one, other than enjoying time with Jeff, and not being at the mall!

  3. Good tradition into an amazing place. I also used to spend the Christmas Eve in my mom's house but she left in 2001 and I don't have anymore contacts with my dad (82 y.o.) who lives in Romania with his new wife.
    Now I have my family to spend the holidays with: wife, 2 children and 1 grandson.
    Happy New Year.


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