Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm battling being sick today.  It all started yesterday at lunch.  I went to have a nice lunch with a co-worker, after almost killing every STUPID driver on the road , uh, I mean, pulling my hair out because of every STUPID driver on the road, seriously the traffic was terrible going to lunch, we made it to the restaurant.  I was ready to chow - I was hungry - as in ready to eat a cow hungry.  Swimming early in the morning gets me going..... not only like AWAKE going, but the hunger monster going too.... I eat two breakfasts on M/W/F - one light breakfast before swim and something else afterwards.  By 11am I'm hungry AGAIN and it's off to lunch.  ANYWAY - I've deviated.....

We made it to lunch and I ordered a water (with lemon - yum-o) I took a big swaller' and what do you know.... it hurt like hell.  I kept drinking the water thinking the cold ice water would numb (and subsequently kill) whatever was happening in the back of my throat.   It didn't work at lunch; but I was SURE that a few glasses of wine would certainly take out the pain.

At our holiday party I had a nice time.  I was able to catch up with some industry folks I hadn't seen in  awhile and met some new people that can potentially bring me some business. All - in - all it was a good event.  The wine didn't help the annoying pain in my throat......

I got home and was exhausted - ready to pass out - and that's just what I did.  This morning I woke up and there's still a lingering pain in my throat but now my eyes are all scratchy and I kinda hurt all over.

I'm hoping for a calm evening tonight - catch up on the boob tube and have a nice relaxing night with Bill.... we are having tilapia and veggies for dinner...yum............

I was supposed to go shopping with my mom - but I'm skipping that in order to get to bed early . I'm supposed to have a 4 mile run but depending on how I feel when I leave here will determine if that run takes place.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Awww Al I'm sorry your sick if its a cold you might one to stay in for the night, not sense pushing your body. Maybe take some echinacea - it always seems to help me rid off the cold bug.

    PS: the fact that you said "boob tube" makes me love you more :+) and I thought that was impossible lol.

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon!!

  3. Get better soon.

    Karen and I are running this weekend if you are up for it. Let us know.

    Well let me say Karen and I are running but separately. Coach has me at 75 min at 7:46/mile pace and I think Karen is running with Barbara (at dinner with us) for 10 miles or so.

    Give a shout if you are in.

    Get better with the quickness.


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