Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Neti Pot......

That's not some Indian name for the wacky tobacc-y....

Have you ever used a neti pot?  A sinus wash?  Is this already a disgusting post?

I'm still sick as a d-o-g but am at work because I'm taking all of next week off on vacation and I'll be dammed if I do any work.  So I'm sitting here bathing in hand sanitizer as to make sure I don't spread my illness to everyone.  Good thing they put me in a corner..... almost at the 24 hour mark of the antibiotic so hopefully I'm not infecting anyone.... If I do, and you read this, I'm sorry.

My boss just called - I said "This is Allison" and he laughed..... he said he couldn't even understand me.  AWESOME.....

Anyways - have you ever used a neti pot?  I'm pretty sure they are the best thing ever.....

Over the last two days I've become seriously congested and it's moving into my chest which is never good.  Bill had a neti pot from the last time he was sick and told me I should use it.  I love him therefore it didn't bother me at all that I was inserting something into my nose that he had previously had in his.  No worries - I scrubbed it down before hand.....

Anyways - the neti pot looks like this....

You fill it with warm water and saline (ours came with saline packets - if you don't have that salt is just fine)

And then do this....

FYI - It's kind of disturbing how many pictures there are online of people using these things.......

It has the potential to be rather disgusting..... I hit that potential like no one's business. It was like a cascading waterfall of sinus gunk...... I pretty sure Bill was turned on...I kid, I kid.

Anyway - I did it twice on Sunday, once yesterday, and today in a steamy hot shower.  Nothing like a steamy shower to get the congestion out.

So I still feel like crap - hoping that it clears up by Friday - I hate missing workouts, I hate that I'm sick the week of Christmas, and I also hate that it is going to be 80 degrees here today.  December 21 and it's 80 degrees.......such is Texas.....

In other news:


Lesley and Sherry are hosting a new fun challenge in 2011 - RUN FOR THE BLING OF IT!

Go visit Sherry and read her post with the details... I've already signed up - Will you???????  I think I've said it before that I only do these athletic events for the shirts and medals anyway :)

If you don't follow Jeff, you should, - go visit him and watch the Ironman Videos from 2010... I watched them all last night laying in bed and I cried - the whole time.  Maybe I actually do have inkling of interest in a full Ironman one day......


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My friend Della is a sixth grade math teacher - she had her students work in groups to prepare a graph.  This particular group graphed the historical temperatures during June in Bryan, Texas.... notice anything funny?


  1. As an immature 37 year old this is going down as the best post of December 2010.

    Neti Pots and flowing sinuses + fallic symbols = one laughing Jason.

    Seriousl hilarious.

    Karen is addicted to the Neti right now. And if you are a fan of Cougar Town you will remember the Neti episode and if not go to YouTube and find it. Good times ahead.

  2. Neti pot eh... you sure are classy baby! Maybe I need to try it out, I'm super stuffy.

    At least I get to go for a nice bike ride tonight given the "warm" weather here in our parts... 80 isn't the worst its been lol.

  3. I find I feel more congested after I use it. I wanted to love it but it didn't work for me. Love the graph. Classic.

  4. I could use a sinus wash that sounds great! bummer on the congested Im also fully stuffed up- hoping a 20+ miler in the cold frees me up tomorrow :)


  5. I didn't know the Neti Pot but I use "thermal water" drops to try to solve such kind of problems.
    I notice that the shape is .... funny.
    Happy Christmas to you and family from Italy.

  6. I always find that distance swimming works better than the neti pot. It's pretty gross the amount of stuff that comes out.

    That is a great graph pic.


  7. I used netipot a week ago when i had cold problems. its very effective on my cold problems, its gave me relief fast.

    Neti Pot

  8. LOL at the temp chart!

    I have a neti pot and don't use it enough!


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