Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cupcake Runs and Confidence

Crazy at work today but wanted to take a few minutes to post on last weekend.

I have been in such a workout slump lately that I needed to shake it.  Last week I had planned a long run (11mi) with my friend Courtney.  Her boyfriend and Bill work together and we have become pretty close over the last year.  We met in Cabo last year at a work trip for Bill.  We instantly clicked and have been developing our friendship over the last 9 months.

She is training for her first full (Big D) marathon April 10 and needs to log miles too - so what better way to run (sans ipod) than with a friend.

We met up on Sunday at 4:30 at the DRC clubhouse.  I was looking forward to redeeming myself since I had pretty tough run the Sunday prior.  10 miles about killed me and I needed the confidence back.  Before I knew it we were at mile 6 stopping to take in our nutrition.  (FYI - I love Lemon-lime sport beans).

We chatted about life, work, school (her BF is in grad school), kids, and pretty much everything else under the sun. I heard my Garmin beep waited a bit and looked down.  We were at 9.4 we had looped White Rock and only had 1.6 to go .  We went out .8 and back in .8 to round out the 11.  We pushed through the last .5 picking up the pace and visualized that we were finishing our respective races. 

2hrs and 7 min of a much needed, much enjoyed run!
terrible, terrible picture of me

Saturday I went to White Rock as well and set out for a bike ride.  I should have started earlier but I got in 21 miles and had a great ride!  The wind was fierce but it will only make you stronger right?  I also was able to get in some vitamin D and some pretty rockin' tan lines.  Ready.for.summer!

I finished my cupcake runs... I signed up for the half since I wasn't sure what my running schedule was going to look like leading up to Rock N' Roll Dallas this weekend.  I finished them this morning in 3 runs, 3 hours, 16 miles... see my cool bib I made?

Just need to have Bill take a pic of me with it tonight and send everything to Jason!

This morning I did a 3.5 mile run before work.  I was supposed to run 4 yesterday but time got away from me (and I went and watched my precious niece at gymnastics - so worth missing the run) .  I went out this morning for 4 but miss calculated and got 3.5.  I have another 6 miler on Thursday (a couple of bikes and a swim) and then int RNR Dallas on Sunday.

Amber and I will be running together and I'm super-de-dooper excited!  (Brett Michaels is performing afterward!)

Let's see - tonight is a 45 min. trainer ride then it's off to dinner with Bill's dad, Survivor and Modern Family!

Pretty much sums up my night!

Also - does sparkling water hydrate you like non-sparkling?

P.S. 2 more followers and the giveaway starts!

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  1. Love the bib and way to go on the great run! I've got one more to finish up I hope.

    So so jealous of the getting to see BM after the run. I have to admit I had never heard of the band playing after our RNR and I didn't stick around. I think I would stick around for Brett! :)

    Sorry no ideas on the water.


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