Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NOLA by numbers

947:  race number for NOLA70.3

69.1:  actual miles completed on 4.17.11

617.84:  number of miles on Dolce during training

268.05:  number of miles ran during training

30:  number of miles swum during training

4: number of miles walked (Jess’ Brain Tumor Walk)

2: number of half marathons completed during training (3 if you include race day)

Immeasurable:  memories over the last 29 weeks

597:  number of blogs that remain unread in my Google reader

53: mile at which I wanted off my bike immediately

12: mile on run which I met Lori (more to come)

3: number of people that came to NOLA to support me

Countless: number of people that supported me from home

2: number of hand grenades I had on
Bourbon Street
after NOLA70.3

4: time my alarm went off on race day

1,400: number of miles driven to, around and back home from NOLA

1: number of plane crashes that occurred on the bike course less than 24 hours prior to race

2,000+: number of racers at NOLA70.3

2,000+: number of racers that were pissed the swim was cancelled at NOLA70.3

2: number of tennis shoes worn out during training

1: number of bike shoes worn out during training

763: estimated number of single socks I have sitting at my house at any given period

120: pounds at which I feel I would look somewhat acceptable in spandex

18: number of dollars I paid to spray tan prior to NOLA70.3 – tan chub is hotter than pasty chub

53: number of dollars spent at the NOLA70.3 expo

10: number of dollars spent on a kick ass polo that was on sale at the expo

4: number of water bottles taken to NOLA

5: number of water bottles that came home to Dallas with me from NOLA

89: average dollars spent per night at our hotel - thank you priceline

2: number of NOLA police officers I almost took out during mile 11 of the run – by “take out” I mean beat up.

9: number of race pictures I actually like from NOLA70.3

6:44 – hours/minutes it took me to complete 69.1 miles

**Race report coming soon - with LOTS of pics; you know how I roll***


  1. I love this! I cannot wait for your race report!

  2. And 13.1 miles by BDD

    I cant wait for the race report, I would be extra mad if there was no swim, I love the swim part of it.

    Congrats!!! Last weekend was epic for the both of us

  3. Love it! Can't wait to hear more... Hurry up :) I heard about the swim was so sad for you. I guess that just means you will have to sign up for another 70.3, right?

  4. YAY!!! I love the list! Can't wait to hear about it all because I'm sure the story is going to be crazy! :)

  5. Love this post!!!!!!! You are one awesome chick! Congratulations (and sorry, but I laughed about the spray tan).

  6. What happened to the swim???

    You have a way with numbers ;-)

  7. Pure GOLD right here. Congrats again. I can't wait to read the race report and start your training for 70.3 Longhorn.

  8. I'm ashamed to say that some of my unreads are yours...However. I feel the need to tell you that I love your heart in all this and am so proud of you for this accomplishment. You make my heart sing! :) Keep up the "badassedness" and eventually, I'm going to get sick of not doing it, and join you! Congrats on NOLA!!!!!!!

  9. can't wait to hear all about it! the plane crash on the course and the cancelled swim....

  10. First off--- CONGRATULATIONS!! Can't wait to hear more about the whole experience! So sorry to hear about the swim, but I am so glad you are not in jail (re: the officers you were going to take out). :)

  11. COngrats & I can't wait to see the race report!!!

    Only 2 hand grenades??? I think I had at least 3 after RnR Half! I guess your race was just a *little* tougher.

  12. You're killin' me - can't wait for the whole race report!!! Congrats on what I'm sure was a fantastic race!

  13. Can't wait to hear about it! Saw your pics - it looked like fun!

  14. After having to squeeze into unitards for college rowing I have no shame about being a little sausage-like in spandex :)

    Only $53 at the expo! That takes some restraint.

  15. love your sock count! Looks like a great time, other than no swim : (

  16. I can't wait to see those photos lady!

  17. Aw!! Congrats Allison!! You are such a stud!!


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