Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'..........

Things have been rollin' along around here at Tri and Finish.... We started our week(s) of travel.... Want to see what it looks like??

I was gone Tuesday/Wednesday in OK for work, came home last night (Wed) we leave tomorrow (Fri) for Houston for a baseball tournament...return home Sunday.

Following Wed (July 6) Bill leaves for a work trip to TN - the Jack Daniel's Distillery...rough work trip I know... and I leave Friday (July 8) for MS for my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party.  Bill will meet me there on Saturday (July 9) and we return home Sunday (July 10).

I leave Monday (July 11) for Wilmington, DE for work and will not be home until Thursday (July 14) - then I have a tri on July 17 ...  I'm tired just typing that.....

Have you missed me?? I've been kind of MIA on here (not just posting, but commenting too - but trust me I've been reading...can we say lurker??) and on Twitter.... but you know what, LIFE is CYCLICAL and you have to ROLL with the punches...

I have a HUGE idea in my head right now - that's really really really really really really really really hard to keep secret - but I can't let it out JUST yet... in case you know it doesn't come to fruition... but think of an epic idea and times it by 100.......not that I can take credit for the WHOLE idea b/c I can't .. .but darn skippy it's a good one....

Trying to get back on track to regularly blogging (and blogging about good stuff)..... training is semi-halted right now just b/c of the schedule.  Oh - yes - I didn't tell you....

I'm in the process right now of getting on board with Lifetime Fitness as a cycle instructor AND the Cycle Club coordinator.  Which would mean 1 indoor class per week (maybe 2) and then 1 outdoor ride per week.  I'm super excited about it and I hope it all works out - I think I will love putting my passion into a paid (albeit small) position....what a way to earn some extra cash though :)

So as you can see - things are movin' and groovin' over here... house is still on the market... grrrrrrrr...

and I'm counting down the days until we go here:

approx. 75ish days......



  1. Woohoo awesome on the upcoming vacation, and I'll keep my fingers crossed about the cycle position as well that would be awesome.

    Umm and did you say you are coming to H-Town? Wanna meet up for a drink or two? Or even a hug at Bungalow?

  2. 1. Totally intrigued by this great idea......

    2. Totally jealous of the vacation!! I love, Hawaii more than any place on earth!

  3. That travel schedule is complicated!

    Hopefully the cycling position also includes a free family membership. That would be worth teaching one class a week right there.

    The vacation pic looks perfect!

  4. WHATTT!!!! YOur going to leave us hanging like that???? Good cliff hanger post.

    Enjoy the vacation!!!

  5. Yay!! love hawaii!!! what island are you going to? we are going to kauai in january!! we went to oahu in 2009.

  6. Oohhh I have never been to Hawaii!! That is going to be so awesome!

    Good luck on your crazy schedule, but it sounds like great stuff!

    Also, I am very glad you found me! :) I am just getting so I am finding those I "lost" in my migration.

  7. You sound super freaking busy! :)

    Hawaii is awesome... I'd be counting the days and hours!

    Hope the whole thing with LF works out - sounds fabulous!

  8. What exciting news Allison!!! I hope you stay sane--that's a lot of traveling! Keep lurking--summer is a hard time to keep up!!


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