Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What can you do???????

THANK YOU for all the wonderful and supportive comments about my ambitious 12hr bike ride!  I really appreciate them and am so excited to embark on this journey!

So many of you have asked "what can I do to help"????

My initial list of TO-DO's is growing..... but that's for me to worry about and not you...

The #1 thing YOU CAN DO is to SPREAD THE WORD!!! Please share my fundraising page with ANYONE and EVERYONE you can!  Post it on your blog, FB, Twitter, WHATEVER - send a carrier pigeon; JUST GET THE WORD OUT!!!!  Even .50 would help....this goes directly to the National Brain Tumor Society - it does not go to me, my bank account or anyone else.

Step #2 - if you donate (which I sure hope you do) - Engage your corporation for a matching donation.  It may take a few extra minutes but I know my company will match up to $5,000 of contributions is a calendar year!!  That means if I donated $100 - they will match that and make it $200 total!!! Think about how that could change a life!!!!

Step #3 - RIDE WITH ME!!!!!!  The place is To Be Determined - I'm hoping it will end up somewhere public but it may just happen in my living room (let's be honest) - You can hop on your bike Saturday October 8 and RIDE TO FIGHT BRAIN TUMORS!!!!!!!  Let me know that you are going to participate; details regarding the ride and riding in your hometown will be delivered shortly.

Step #3.5 - WALK WITH US!!! If you live in the DFW area and want to participate in the walk in Fort Worth on November 5 - JOIN OUR TEAM, FACING GIANTS, HERE  If you don't live here but still want to get involved you join as a virtual participant! ($10)

Step #4 - I'm working on a giveaway to host for all of you that donate............ so stay tuned for that!!!!!!

A new blog/website dedicated solely to this effort will debut sometime in the near future....working on that too.....

Now off to spread the word (you should do the same!)



  1. YOU KNOW I'm backing this 100%.
    Freaking. awesome.

  2. Hey babe I'd love to back you do you have a button I can add to my blog? I'll add a note at the bottom of my next couple of posts as well :o).


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