Monday, August 1, 2011

108 is too friggin' hot.....

Seriously - this is ridiculous...

What a nightmare - how do the "workout gods" expect you to actually GET OUT and run/bike/whatever in this miserable heat????

I love summer, I love the heat and I certainly love lounging in the pool but this heat is ri-donkulous.....

Instead of riding outside today (or taking spin class) I'll be on my trainer for 1.5hrs.  getting back in the saddle and gearing up for the ride on October 8. 

Lots of trainer time over the next few months (and spin class too!)

How do you beat the heat and stay motivated?  For me it's really difficult but I know I HAVE TO DO IT!

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Join in on the F-U-N and stay tuned for details!!!!


  1. When we had our first heatwave of the summer, I got massively lazy - literally sitting in front of my mini air-conditioner eating popsicles! Now that we're into another one, I've just opted to get my workout in in the mornings, when it's slightly cooler. It means getting up earlier, but by the time it's disgustingly hot in the afternoon, I don't have to worry about it! :)

  2. Its been hot here too, cant breath hot, sucks

  3. Thankfully, I don't have too much of an issue cycling in the heat, but it also isn't 108, only 98 (ha-ha!). I do have issue running in the heat like that so that is why I run at a ridiculous (i mean ri-donkulous) time of the morning, like 4am. Blah! But way better than the treadmill. Hurry up cooler weather!!

  4. It was 104 yesterday, I just about passed out. Totally considering an inside treadmill and training bike. It's either obesity or heat stroke dealing with this crap... without a pool I'd be 300lbs.

  5. Sorry about complaining about the rain in MO ... looks like y'all would welcome a sprinkle at this point!

  6. Ew... that's rough! I have a hard time running outside in the heat, but I'm alright with the swimming and biking. Just look at the indoor workouts as good practice of intervals and whatnot! :) Hope a cool front comes through!


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