Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday Run....

I had an o.k. run yesterday.... It was on the treadmill because it's still too flippin' hot and humid to run outside.  Literally even if I run at 6:30am my heart rate will sky rocket.  I'm still on lower mileage runs.... so I'm very thankful that when I get into higher mileage runs the weather will be cooler.

I feel like summer is never going to end.....

I've even started dressing like fall - if I dress like it ---- it will come..... The field of dreams theory right?!?

So - Here's my question today.... how do I become a faster runner?

I'm terrible...litterally terrible... I know I know..... time doesn't matter.... but I would really, really, really like to work on my speed.  Is track/sprint work outs helpful?  What works?

I'm meeting with a coach on Friday to possible train with for my 1/2 marathon and 1/2 IM.... I'm super excited.  I can still join the tri-club (which I haven't done) for group workouts.  I think this is going to be important... I can only push myself so far... I need a Jillian...scream in my face; yell at me; tell me I'm fat...something to push me to that next level.  I'm hoping if this works out and she is my coach she can help me with my speed (or lack there of)

So tonight is a 2 easy 2 mile run..... A long way to go before 13.1...but I can do it!

This weekend I have a 4 mile run... I have run 4 miles in months... hoping the weather cooperates b/c I sure don't want to run 4 on a treadmill....

Oh - I added my posts on how I got into tri's, race reports, etc over there <-------- on the side bar... check it out - it will link you to the old blog site.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Good luck girlee... I did a nice 3 miler yesterday. I hit the gym for a quick 1 mile this am and a little cross training action (my legs feel like rubber right now.

    I do have something I would like to ask (maybe for a future post by you?)

    How do I become a better swimmer? Seriouly I would love to do a tri. I have the biking & running under control and I LOVE water but I'm not a "race swimmer"....

  2. Dude, track workouts will make all the difference in the world for your speed (same for swimming Mrs Adventure!). Just go out there and do some speed work. Warm up for a mile or so at a super easy jog then do some 400-800m sprints (if you don't have a track, then go for 2-4 minutes). Take a minute or two or 4 to rest then go again. Once you get your mileage up, you can get in some MEAN workouts and you will see huge gains in your speed.

    All that said, I am very much in the pack that thinks you can either build speed or endurance - when you try to build both, you get injured. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about the speed so much right now and just focus on getting the distance under your belt. This isn't to say you shouldn't push yourself a little, but finishing is the ultimate goal...no matter what, you will PR at White Rock!! There are different schools of thought, but I find that for me, I can't do both. I can build my distance and then work on speed, or get fast then build distance, when I try to do both I hurt myself. You can do the speed work after White Rock...before NOLA. :)

    And last but not least, get out there and run in the heat and humidity. It's humbling, but think about fast you will be when it finally cools off!! And really, do you think it won't be hot, humid and miserable in NOLA? Practice makes perfect!!

  3. Build endurance over the winter - long slow efforts. Add in some strength and core training if you can. And then start a periodization phase in the early spring where volume comes down but speed goes up. Do intervals running, biking, even swimming. A coach will fill in the blanks....

  4. i agree that speed work on the track will help. I've never cared about speed just pushed for endurance. I'd rather run 10 miles at a steady pace than run 5 fast miles. Just me though. And you should totally run in the humidity b/c it will help you even more when the weather cools off. Some of my best long runs came in the 100% humidity days. Hugs!


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