Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall TV = total bliss

I imagine one day I'm going to have to give up my addiction to TV and embrace an adult life.  But until that day - my addiction to TV remains.  I heard today that Lindsay Lohan failed another two drug tests -- her addiction to cocaine,marijuana and whatever else she snorts, shoots or smokes rivals my addiction to reality tv.   But if you told me to quit TV or go to jail - I would pull my TV out of the wall STAT!

Anyways - This time of year is my favorite!  Fall is on it's way, football has started, my wardrobe is getting better (b/c I LOVE Fall wardrobe) and Series/Season Premier time is HERE!

Here's a snapshot of my DVR --

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is HILARIOUS! I'm pissed b/c my TIVO missed Thursday nights show so I'm hoping on Demand picks it up - otherwise I'm all set for this Thursday.  If you like off color humor (and slightly offensive) check it out Thursday nights on FX!

 A show that I fell into with Bill started watching it - a group of nerds, a hot girl, and some genius script writing makes for a great 30 minute comedy.  It just moved to Thursday nights which kind of screws up my Thursday night programming (at least until Rachel Zoe is over)....

I think we are in like season 900 but still one of the best shows on TV.  Inspiring, dramatic, and always 2 hours!  BL will melt your heart and inspire you to melt the pounds.  Funny story - Bill and I used to watch this every week with a blizzard from Dairy Queen - no lie...we watched a weight loss show while eating ice creaam.

Bros. and Sisters is a heart wrenching, family drama that I pretty much cry at every week.  I have a soft spot for Sally Field -- and all her overbearing motherly qualities on the show. 

The serial killer we all LOVE.... kind of creepy that his sister on the show is his wife in real life (I guess it would be more creepy if it was switched) but anyhow - suspense 1 hour commerical free showtime drama.... he kills the bad can you not love him?

 Grey's - need I say more? McDreamy, McSteamy, McArmy :) == Thursday night bliss

I just want a friend like Barney.......I was at Fry's the other day and saw the "Bro Code" in print.... seriously it's in print.  NPH makes this show!

Best new show on TV a few years ago -  Watch it - you will laugh until you cry

This is going to be the deciding season for me on if I continue to watch PP.  If Addison keeps hooking up with everyone I'm out.....

I really, really, really want to go on this show... .really - almost as much as Big Brother...

**Thank you google images for your help in this post**

What's your DVR set to record?  Or am I the only obsessive tv watcher around?


  1. I WISH I had a DVR! I knew I should've upgraded when I signed up for digital cable. Thank God for the Internet!
    Anyway, my list of "Must watch TV": Grey's, Private Practice, Survivor, Weeds, and GLEE!

  2. How did I forget about GLEE!!! I love GLEE!! I'm a GLEEK!!

    Checked the DVR at home and we are all set for my date with Mr. Scheu tomorrow :)

  3. LOVE Always Sunny ...

    I did't even realize that Grey's anatomy was still on? My wife used to make me watch that with here. Guess I am glad she doesn't realize it is still on ...hehe.

    Set the DVR for Tosh.0 too. It is hysterical!


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