Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Monday how I hate you.....

I am dragging ass this morning... I was up every hour with Shakes last night.  Poor fur baby had diarrhea and just barked and barked... on the dot every hour on the 18th minute.  It started at 1:18 am ... and continued until 6:18 am... poor guy - I guess he has super upset tummy.

So this morning; I'm exhausted (kind of sick too - my throat is killing me).... and I have to run 3 miles after work because I didn't do it yesterday b/c I may or may not have had too much to drink on Saturday - oops!

This weekend was my niece's birthday.  She turned 10.... Friday night I met my mom and we had dinner and then went shopping for Kaylee as well as for me.  I needed a dress for Saturday night's charity event Bill and I were going to.

FYI - Don't shop after your daily menu consists of donuts, fried chicken and french fries and a hamburger and cheddar fries... yep you read that right - that was my meal plan on Friday.  TERRIBLE!! I shaped up the rest of the fact this morning I've started dairying my entire food intake.  I seriously have to loose the last 20 lb's.... not funny anymore....

Saturday Bill and I had a charity event for his work; it was the Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser in downtown.   We got all dressed up and headed down for a night of free drinks, free food, a band and an auction. See how cute we are....

We (I should say Bill) walked away with two wins in the silent auction.  He bid on a $100 gift card to Taco Beuno… do think that was the Jack Daniels and Greygoose urging him to bid???  But also won a super cool rangers prize pack….tickets, dinner at a Italian restaurant, and a LIMO ride to and from the game!! SO FUN!!

I spent most of the day on Sunday with my niece, nephew and mom celebrating Kaylee’s birthday.  She was so excited to get all of her gifts!  a $15 I-tunes gift card made her day….. If I only knew that before I spent money on jewelry and clothes for her!

As for training:
Friday was a rest day – a much needed one at that …

Saturday morning I woke up super early and went on a group ride with the Plano Bicycle Association,  It was a 18 miler at an average of a 12mph pace.  Not going to lie – it was way too slow for me; but a good ride to get used to group riding.  I think I’ll do the Beginner ride one more week and then take on the “Step Up” ride – it’s a 34 mile ride at a faster pace.  Should be ok – but we shall see.  The people were super nice!  I always get nervous going to these types of things by myself… you just never know how people are going to be.  Plus cyclists can be some of the nicest people or some of the most pretentious, snobby, people you’ve ever met.  I was hoping for the former on this ride and I was right!!

Plus it made me feel good b/c my bike got lots of compliments J She is so pretty!!!

Sunday was recovery (I was supposed to go on a 3 mile run but that didn’t happen)….so today is a run (even though it’s supposed to be a strength/stretch day).

Ummm….also it’s PREMIER WEEK on TV!!! My Tivo is set… post to come later J

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  1. Awww that's such a cute photo :+) wow 18 miles beats us we rode 10 miles to the grocery and back this weekend... lol does it count for longer considering I was like a pack mule on the way back?


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