Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Friday night...and I feel alright...

Happy Friday y'all!!! This Friday could not have come quick enough! 

I love Fridays!! Work is over, football season is here, and the weather has still been hot but not unbearable!

This weekend we have a charity even for Bill's work..... guess what that means???? ?SHOPPING! Like my all time favorite activity!  It's not cocktail - but it's dressier than Sunday..... any ideas?  Feel free to google and send ideas my way - I'm going to go shopping tonight and more than likely tomorrow.....

This weekend is also my precious oldest niece's brithday weekend.... when did she decide to grow up?? She's going to be 10 on Sunday and I can't believe it!!  It seems like ysterday she was this tiny little thing who couldn't walk or talk - now she's a TWEEN!

Pics to come from birthday festivites and the charity event....until then I'm heading out of work and plan on getting my cardio in at them mall :)

Happy Friday - much love :)

oh yea - PS - I signed up for the White Rock 1/2 marathon today... no turning back now!!!!!

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