Thursday, September 16, 2010

Never ending pasta bowl at the Rangers game???

You are probably wondering what in the world this post title has anything to do with, well, anything... BUT... keep reading you WILL be pleasantly surprised!

Last night Cayla, Bill and I went on a date.  You read that right... my boyfriend, my best friend and me went on a a baseball game.  The FIRST PLACE TEXAS RANGERS to be exact.  Did you read that <---- I said THE FIRST PLACE TEXAS RANGERS!!!

I've waited my entire life basically to be able to say that.  I.heart.thefirstplacetexasrangers.  I've grown up going to the games when tickets were like a penny.  (Maybe not that cheap - but when s.u.c.k. they will drop prices like hot potatoes to entice a crowd) So when we actually started spending money (thanks John Daniels) and acquired some talented players, it warmed my heart to see something other than a goose egg in the win column.

But I digress....

Bill loves the Rangers as much if not more than me... Cayla is creeping up on us.  The only reason she isn't up at the top of the list with Bill and me is because she's still a Spurs fan and she hates the Dallas Cowboys... so is she really a TRUE fan if she can't root for her other home town teams???? She loves the Rangers (C.J. Wilson and Mitch Moreland especially...anyone know them??? Let's get her a date people...)

Yesterday Cayla and I were on the phone and decided we wanted to go to the game... called Bill he was up for it (as if you have to twist his arm to go to anything baseball related) and so we went... the three of us... on our date.

It was the last dollar hot dog night of the season.  Once a month on a Wednesday home game the Rangers host dollar dog night at the ballpark.  It draws a crowd.... 34,964 last night to be exact.  (Seriously that was the attendance).  Bill, Cay and I got there, promptly got into the concession stand line and waited patiently as the mob of people in front of us sweated and made hunger sounds equivalent to what I thought would sound like savage dogs awaiting a meal.  Not really....but it was hot and crowded.

We waited about 20 minutes with no movement in the line.... Gave up and said we'd come back in a few innings and try again.

Bill (such a sweet and loving guy and he knew he had two hungry girls on his hands) left to go grab dogs a couple innings later.  While he was gone, I was watching the game/crowd.... I don't know if it is b/c the rangers are in first place (did I mention that??? They are in first place...hahaha j/k) or if it was $1 dog night but the people who were at the park last night were interesting to say the least.

I looked at Cayla and said (verbatim) "Dollar Dog night sure reminds me of "the Never Ending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden".... go back with me will you....

Jessica used to work at Olive Garden (OG).... she HATED and I mean HATED the never ending pasta bowl promotion b/c it would bring people out of the woodwork.  Less than presentable, less than classy, less than able to tip people out of the wood work.  I try to be a nice, honest, person ... but seriously these people were dirty...anything for an all you can eat pasta bowl right? 

The Ranger game last night was a direct transplant of those OG never-ending-pasta-bowlers…. Except it was the $1 hot dogs that tickled their fancy.  Now – it could be that these people love the Rangers as much as Bill, Cayla and I do - BUT I think the $1 dogs had something to do with it… I’m just sayin’.

The scraggly mullet/ponytails, exposed jiggly boobs, and cut off denim shorts were incomprehensible and frankly too many to count.

When Bill returned (empty handed – they were on a 25 minute hot dog wait) we weren’t grumpy but had cramps from laughing so hard at the comparison between OG and Ranger baseball….

Did we get our Hot Dogs…YES – we found a guy fully loaded with $1 dogs that only took cash… we ordered our 6, loaded them up with ketchup and mustard, got our garlic fries and peanuts and were happy as three little clams on a date.

If you care…the Rangers won… HELLO PLAYOFFS!!!


  1. Wonderful I'm happy you had a great date and got your hotdogs... and since I know you love me I'm going to go ahead and say I've always been an astros fan since I grew up going to their games but hell I will root for your Rangers come playoffs :+)

  2. Seriously, there is very few things that are better than a hotdog at a sporting event.

    Couple that with a date with your best friend and boyfriend, a few laughs and a WIN, I'd say you had a pretty good night :)


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