Friday, September 24, 2010

Start of my new 70.3 life....

I met with my new coach today...... Here's out it started....

We are having  a walking program at work, "Heirarchy to Health".  In this program we have a heirarchy pyramid that categorizes average steps per day walked.  My company supplied pedometers for everyone and it is a 12 week program.

Every two weeks we send in our average steps and it puts you in a different level of the pyramid.  Each level has a reward.

4,000 steps or less = coach potato = you have to pay $20 for your pedometer and it goes into the social fund

4,001 - 5,999 = Mover and Shaker = jean day

6,000 - 7,999 = Hot to Trot = jean week

8,000 - 9,999 = Eat My Dust = 1/2 day off

10,000 and above = Catch me if you can = Full day off

I have achieved a full day off.... fyi :)

This program was initiatied to get our workforce healthy and moving.  An amazing inititative if you ask me.  Our employees are seeing the benefits in dropped blood pressure, weight loss, cholesterol reduction, etc.  Paired with a proper nutrition plan the benefits are amazing.

Anyway - I was asked to see if I could find a local retailer who would be willing to give us coupons for new shoes.  Because everyone is walking so much we found lots of people needed new shoes!  Plus I had a instinct that most people are in the WRONG shoes and have probably never been properly fitted for shoes.

I digress...

I called two local running shops that I have patronized previously for shoes.  One was very nice and gave us a handful of coupos and sent me on my way.... the other told me about their corporate wellness seminars they provide.  So they sent me Lea.

Lea and I started emailing about her presenetation, logistics, etc... I asked her to send me a bio so I could create  a "buzz" about the office and get people excited about her coming down to speak.  When she sent me her bio I realized she had participated in 8 70.3's, 2 140.6's, 34 full marathons and countless half marathons.

In our dialogue back and forth aI asked her if she coached outside the running club/store for which she worked.  Guess what...SHE DOES....and she's affordable!  The last coach I looked at was over $200 a month plus club dues plus testing plus plus plus....

She is working on her USAT certification and her Running certification so being a test dummy for less expensive is just fine with me.  She has the knowledge and experience and I need the motivation and direction.  I'm not looking to be a professional triathlete....

Anyhow so we met today after her presentation....

Done and Done.... she's my coach.  I'm sending her my current work out schedule, training regimen, etc etc and she is going to train me for NOLA.. she's competed in NOLA the last two years it has been in exsistence and I'm super excited.

She is precious! 

I'm super duper excited to have a coach... I've wanted one for sooo long.... someone who knows what they are doing and that I can depend on to have the RIGHT workouts at the RIGHT time.  My training has been all internet based since I started this gig.

This weekend training is:

3 mile run today
20 mile bike and 2.5 mile run saturday
4 mile run sunday and maybe a 30 minute swim

Monday I will have my new program and I can't wait!!

Everyone - CHEER!!!!!

I hope you have a great weekend!!!


  1. I would love to hear more about your program as it comes... you know I'm all about free info and training :+) plus you heart me so you should totally post updates just for



  2. Girl you know it will all be on here!!!!!!!

    PS - I totally printed your blog about songs... my Itunes will be busy this weekend!


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