Thursday, October 21, 2010

6 at 6

I ran 6 miles this morning at 6am :)  Sorry for the lack of "real" blogging this week.  Work has been nuts....

Monday started out with a particularly late day at the office; after sleeping through my alarm and missing Master's Swim.  (I attribute this to the PMS.... I'm luck to the fact that I don't get terrible cramps, etc... but man do I get S.L.E.E.P.Y -- sorry male readers).  I worked so late I didn't get my bike ride in.  My boss was in a terrible mood, i.e. bitching at every last thing, huffing, puffing, you know the "mad boss" fiasco I'm sure.  I had every intention of hooking up my trainer and riding during the Ranger game but after the horrible, no good, very bad day I had ZERO energy to get on my bike and ride... so instead I drank a Jack and Diet with Bill and we cuddled up on the couch in our Ranger gear and watched the game.(oh yes we ate steak and grilled veggies too...delish)

Tuesday - was a mild continuation of the bosses' rant which equalled another late night at the office.... AND a Ranger game.... Day #2 with no work out... awesome.

Wednesday - I got up for master's swim...thank god... but missed my bike.... Now I'm just seriously in the hole.

Thursday - today - Bill and I have plans for dinner tonight with friends at our FAVORITE Greek restaurant so I knew that the likelihood of me running after work was small, as in non-existent.  I got up this morning at 5:45am - hopped in my car and was running by 6:15am.  I ran 6 miles before work...and before an 8:30 am presentation -- can I get a BOO-YA?!?  Thank you :)

Tomorrow was supposed to be my off day, but because of my two impromptu off days earlier in the week I will be getting up to go to Master's Swim and then hopefully either a 3 mile run OR a quick ride on my trainer before I head to Austin.

This weekend is the Livestrong Challenge...and what an amazing event; but also a very emotional event for me.  I am able to honor my best friend through two of my passions, running and cycling, with a foundation that was near and dear to her.  I miss her dearly - every day - and hope that she is smiling down on me in heaven.

I hope you all have a great weekend :) I'll try and blog pics from the weekend but if not - have a good one and I"ll be back Monday!!!!!

Hugs and Love!


  1. Enjoy this weekend. The Livestrong Callenge is amazing.

    6 before 6 is awesome.

  2. Ooooh thanks for saying "Jack & Diet" its one of my favorite past time drinks... maybe I need to make a few this weekend :+)

    Hope you have a great weekend girl!


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