Monday, October 25, 2010

Livestrong '10

It was an exciting...drama, tear-filled, challenging weekend...but it was fun, SO worth it, and I have lots of pics to share...

I also have 110 blog posts to read in my google you guys can seriously post... I never realized how many blogs I read/comment/stalk until they pile up into one big google reader mess :)

Hopefully I can catch up and comment later today and tonight.... and post pictures...for now I'm at work and have to catch up on three days of being out of the office...

Here's my weekend in an up/down fashion:


Down: Had to miss watching the game and relent to listening on the radio as we drive to Austin

Up:  Made it in time to George's Bar in Waco to watch the ninth inning...just as we were loosing radio reception

Down:  Got into Austin way too late...had an early Saturday morning wake up call

Up: Made it up in time to get dressed/eat breakfast and make it to the race site with time to spare

Down: Meltdown at mile 1.25.... seriously, break down of all break downs... tears, hyper-ventalating, could not run.... major meltdown.....the emotional part of the reason why I participate in this particular weekend was too much... more later

Up: I was able to connect with one of my girls, Della, over a teary 1 mile...

Up: Ags win vs. Kansas

Down: Mom and Cooper were delayed 6 hours at the airport getting to Austin

Up: They finally arrived....and Cooper was able to tour the cockpit and flip a few gauges


  1. I think a Texas SF series is cool it's about time that things get mixed up a bit. I'm sure there are FOX sports programming executives crying into their lattes though...

  2. Sorry about the tears during the race, I can't wait to hear more tales and see these PHOTOS :+)


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