Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 10, 11, 12...oops I'm a bit behind

I have a ton of catching up to do.  For one I left work early on Friday so Bill and I could head to Childress to visit Amber and her family..... which leaves a ton of un read/un responded emails.  I totally intended to blog while I was in Childress...but Amber and I ended up having so much fun it just didn't happen.  So not only do I have three days of the challenge to catch up on... I have over 100 blog posts to read and subsequently comment on.  SHEESH....

Plus this next weekend is SBJ's bachelorette party so I have a TON of things to get done for that. 

1. Shopping for decorations, plates, forks, cups, etc.... shouldn't be that difficult but it's one more thing to the to-do list.

2.  Putting together a SUPER surprise for her...she may read this so I can't go into detail.

3.  Shopping for a dress for the party

So all and all I have a lot to do.... oh yea - throw training in their too.... did I mention I have my first 1/2 marathon in 19 days? 19 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran 8miles this weekend... it was not easy but I did it...and I did it at a relatively nice pace.  10:15/mile.  I'll take it.  This weekend I have a 9 miler... it's scheduled for Sunday but I think I'm going to flip flop and do the run on Saturday and the bike on Sunday.  It works better for my schedule that way.

9 miles...... 9 freakin' miles....that's one loop around White Rock if you are in Dallas - I will be chugging my ass around WRL on Saturday....feel free to join.

DAY 10:  Something you are afraid of

I'm afraid of very little to be honest. If you asked me five years ago what I was afraid of I would have said dying.  I'm not afraid of DEATH - but I would have said DYING...but considering I've lost so many people over the last few years I'm not really afraid of that anymore.

I'm not afraid of heights... I jumped out of plane once and would do it again.

I'm terrified of open water swimming.... funny since I love triathlon..... but I hate swimming in open water.

DAY 11: Favorite TV Shows.....

This is an easy post...please re-direct your browsers HERE and then add - Boardwalk Empire and East Bound and Down.

DAY 12: Something I believe in

I  believe in a lot of things…I believe that the sun will always rise and you always have a second chance to make things right. I believe that karma will bite you if you aren’t true to yourself, your friends, your family, and others. I believe that the smile tells everything. I believe in God. I believe that you can make it through anything. I believe that love makes everything better, whether that love is through friends, family, pets, significant others or anything else. I believe life is to short to worry about the petty things and I believe in me.

What do you believe in???


  1. I believe in you :+)

    (why yes I am that corney lol)

  2. Good luck with the 9! I believe we are all capable of much more than we think.

  3. I will email you as Karen and I are heading to WR for a 22'er. We can hook up and either finish our run with you or peel off and keep going.


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