Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 17 and 18 plus a 9 mile run....

That's a packed blog made me tired typing it.

Day 17:  WAIT - I RAN 9 FREAKIN' MILES YESTERDAY!!! (9.3 to be least that's what the Internet said)

Did I ever think I could run 9 miles...never...had you asked me 5 years ago - "Allison, how long do you think it would take you to run 9 miles?" I would have said - "9 days...maybe 10....."

I can't believe it but I'm so proud of myself.... This week I have a couple easy swims, the turkey trot on Thursday, a few bike rides, then my last long run before WHITE ROCK HALF!!! 10 miles next weekend and then it's on like donkey kong! (WATCH OUT NOW!)

Stefano over at RUN WITH THE BLACK KNIGHT is hosting a Virtual 10K race during November.

The Rules:
1. Wear something black (shoes, socks, pants, shirt or whatever you want);
2. Run 10 km in the period Nov. 8 – Nov. 28 (the 10 km can be part of a longer distance);
3. Let me know within Nov. 29th if you ran and if you wore something of black or if you mentioned it on your blog;
The winners will be announced on his Friday post (December 3rd) and gifts will be mailed as soon as possible. The awards are 2 black long sleeves shirts random and 1 shirt for the less fast time.

Hey Stefano, I did it!  SEE!!!

BEFORE (in all black - Don't mind Bill's messy bathroom)

During my run (about mile 7) I saw this gem...I appreciate the fact that this person is active and walking...but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to document the Golds Gym sauna suit.....

 After the run and not dead!

Day 17:  Something you are looking forward to

I think this calls for another list....

  • Thanksgiving time with our families...good food, good wine, good family and big ole turkey coma
  • Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving with Amber.... we have some super fun socks!
  • My first half-marathon for obvious reasons
  • Starting my strength and speed portion of my training for New Orleans 70.3
  • A&M vs. t.u. on Thursday - BTHO t.u.
  • 2.5 day work week
  • Pie contest at work tomorrow (which reminds me I need to go to the grocery store
Day 18: Something you regret...

I regret very little...I believe the choices we make are for a reason and we may not understand that at the time the decision is made; but everything happens for a reason which leads to little belief in regret I guess. 

I do regret not having a relationship with my dad towards the end of his life.  Although he made many, many mistakes that led to us not having a relationship, I wish I could have at least told him I forgive him and that I love him.  He was a great dad despite all the things that occurred. 

I regret not staying one more hour with Jessica in the hospital the last time I saw her.... What I would give now for that one more hour.

But there is no room for regrets in our short life.  We are living on borrowed time, and as I get older I realize that more and more.  The decisions we make will have repercussions, consequences and quite often will cause the ripple effect in others lives not just our own.... so I continually strive to be more conscious of those decisions and live accordingly. 

How was your weekend? SBJ's bachelorette party was super fun and she loved the surprise..... a scrapbook from all the girls that attended chronicling her friendships with all of us. Each girl made pages and we put them together for a great gift for SBJ!

Pics to come :)


  1. I am laughing so hard because I saw the silver streak out there yesterday. We probably passed each other once or twice. Karen and I will be at the Turkey Trot so we need to hook up for that race.

    Great job on the run....huge accomplishments and a virtual high-five out to you. Keep up the great work.

  2. love the sauna suit. I did my race yesterday...

  3. I like that sauna suit, when I will decide to take prisoners that will be their uniform! Thank you for the virtual race in black: you look great, elegant and in perfect shape.

  4. Congrats on the 9 miles!!! I just ran 6 this wknd and that was a big accomplishment for me. I am training for the disney's princess half marathon.

    that sauna suit is hilarious! haha


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