Friday, November 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Day 16: Your dream home

Warning: this is a picture HEAVY post.....

I could go on and on and on and on about my dream home.  The little things that I would want if money wasn't an object.  Thank you google images for the below pictures :)

# 1  - A wrap around porch.  I've always wanted a BIG wrap around porch with a porch swing, rocking chairs and other outdoor furniture with cushions you can change out during the different seasons.  I think an inviting porch sets the tone for your guests.  Seriously with a porch like this who wouldn't want to come into your house?  I think my want/need for a wrap around porch can be attributed to my southern upbringing.  Every southern belle needs a big porch right?????

# 2.  - Pristine landscaping - I would totally have to have a yard boy for this one.  I hate working in the yard... my neighbors still  mow for me currently.  BUT my dream home would have a perfectly landscaped yard...complete with in season hydrangeas and lush green grass that the future kids could play in.

# 3- A chef's kitchen.....Double ovens, range, griddle and 4-6 burners are a MUST! Sub zero fridge and freezer, built in microwave, stainless steel EVERYTHING...double dishwasher, wine fridge, I can keep going if you want.  I spend 95% of my time in the kitchen.  I love being in the kitchen, cooking, entertaining, etc.  Let's be honest, when you have a party doesn't everyone tend to gather in the kitchen?  I love to cook so a chef's kitchen is a serious dream of mine.  Like a big one....

# 4 - A slate pool.  Summers are BRUTAL in Texas.... so a pool is a definite want/need.  We would have to put up a fence around it b/c of Shakes.... he LOVES to swim and if he had a seizure and fell in the water it would be terrible.  {Yes our dog's name is Shakes and, yes, he is epileptic... I'll tell that story another day}
The pool will have a hot tub as well.........

# 5  - The Koehler Shower - a crap ton of shower heads ( I'd take one on the roof for the rain like effect too) seriously - could you ever get any cleaner?????? Look at this puppy!!!

# 6 - A whirlpool tub - Sunday's are for bath time.  I take a shower every day of the week (often twice) but Sundays are bath day; especially after a long run or bike...nothing is better than soaking in a bubble bathed tub.  (I like to shower first though....not a big fan of sitting in my own filth)  Rose petals are optional.....

# 7 - A glorious master suite.  King bed, wood floors, fire place, crown molding... you get the idea.  A retreat of some sort.  Heaven in a bedroom form.

# 8 - Media room - Bill already has an old timey popcorn machine.... I think a media room would be the perfect place for it.  Completely outfitted with a projection screen, recliners, and a beer fridge.

Other things not identified in pictures:

4 bedrooms (Master, 2 kids rooms, guest room)
A garden...that I can pick and subsequently cook from

That's it... not too much huh???

Today I have a 1/2 day at work - booya!  Bill and I are going to go for a run and then go shopping for Thanksgiving..... Excited to spend the afternoon together :)

Have a lovely weekend..... say a prayer for me as a run my 9 miler tomorrow! 


  1. Best of luck on your 9 miler this weekend.

    Love your thoughts for your dream house... I would love to have a wrap around porch one day too... so pretty!

  2. I love everything about your "dream house." Especially the, love, love houses with porches!

    Have a good weekend and good luck with the run! I am sure you'll do great :)

  3. I desperately want a wraparound porch one day too!!! And I know my b/f LOVES the idea of a theatre room ;)

  4. You will do great tomorrow. 9 miles is tough, but you are ready...I am stoked to see how well you do on your 1/2 IM in 2011!

  5. Oh you got the 9 miler no doubt. Hey we may actually see you tomorrow. I will be the guy wearing the HoneyMilk shirt with sleeves and gloves and red saucony hat. I believe we are going out there around 530a to run part of the marathon route and then around the lake.

    If you want to buy a house check out this one:

  6. Yes, please... build me up one of those! ;-)

    Good luck on your run!!! Counting down the days to WR!


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