Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 15 - Half way through the challenge....

Day 15: A Bible Verse..

Oh Jeez.....I could go on and on about my favorite bible verses.  I grew up in a Southern Baptist church
with my family. Where I was expected to be in church every Wednesday night and every Sunday morning
unless I was dying or dead. Even if I spent the night at a friends house my mom and dad would either make sure I went to my friends church or they would pick me up and take me to our church. 

I was involved in "Bible Drill" - it's just like it sounds.  It's a competition in which you stand in a line (with other church goers your age) the preacher calls out a verse and you thumb through your bible until you find it and when you do land your index finger on said verse and then you step forward. {I google imaged to try and find pics but no such luck}

I made it to state one year...... true story. 
Anyhow -

I could rattle off verse after verse....BUT - my favorite (most meaningful) verse is Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 29:11 I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

This was the verse that Jessica relied on while she was sick.  She knew that God had a purpose for her life.  And although, I think, her life was too short... I know that when her work was done here on this earth God called her home.  She touched many lives through death that I never though were possible.  She inspired many people while she was alive - but so many more when she passed.

I love her to pieces each day.  I miss her each day.... I continue to pray that her family find strength and peace with her passing.  17 months ago I lost my best friend, my partner in crime and the one person that literally knew EVERYTHING about me.... we had no secrets, no regrets during our friendship and I am proud to say she was my BFF.

I know not everyone is religious, spiritual or whatever.  I'm not naive enough to believe that every person on this planet will believe what I believe or believe in anything... but I hope that you have something that inspires you...that you can turn to when things are tough and find peace.  I find it in prayer everyday, I find it in conversation {sometimes out loud} with Jess.  I know she is watching over me and all her beloved..... God gained an amazing angel the day he called her home.

In other news.... today is 11.18 which means that it is the eleventh (11th) anniversary of Aggie Bonfire.  Not familiar?  Let me share....

Aggie Bonfire was a long-standing tradition at Texas A&M as part of our rivalry between UT (in Austin).  Our biggest college rival is UT (or t.u. as we call them.. because they are NOT THE University OF Texas… they are texas university :) … we don’t like them can you tell)

For 90 years, Aggies built and burned Bonfire on campus each fall. The annual event symbolizes all Aggie s “burning desire to beat the hell outta t.u.”,
Bonfire burned the night before the t.u. A&M football game, which traditionally was held the Friday after Thanksgiving.

A&M students, former students and the like all helped to cut, stack and burn Bonfire.  It was a thriving tradition at A&M since November 18, 1907.

On November 18, 1999 some 92 years after the first Bonfire burned, at 2:42am Bonfire collapsed.  Of the 58 students working on stack that night 12 students lost their lives and around 27 were injured.

I was not on campus at this time – as I had forgone my acceptance to A&M my freshman year to stay home (I wasn’t ready to leave); but most of my now best friends were there that night.  They have recounted to me their stories and experiences of hearing the never-ending sirens blare throughout campus and down the main drag to the hospital.  The eerie silence on campus that day which coincidentally was Aggie Ring Day (another large tradition at A&M – ask any Aggie and they will show you their Aggie Ring).  They recounted the vigil that took place for the fallen and how A&M forever changed that day.

I remember I was sitting at home folding laundry (at 3am – who does that); when I saw a breaking news story that Aggie Bonfire had fallen.  I had dated a guy in high school who was at A&M and in the Corps of Cadets.  I knew the possibility of him being out there was great – but I hadn’t talked to him in a few weeks and didn’t know when his outfit would be there.  I remember thinking “Oh God he could be there”.

I stayed up the rest of the morning as the news reports rolled in.  I tried calling all of my friends that I knew at A&M to try and get an update; but as you can imagine the phone lines were jammed packed and couldn’t get through.  At that time land lines was all we had as most of us didn’t have cell phones.

It was scary for me … but I didn’t understand the true meaning of the tradition until I was myself a student at A&M.  I finally "got" the history and tradition and all that stuff because I loved A&M but the true root of the bond that Aggies have is unreal.  I love Texas A&M and I love being an Aggie and today I will remember the 12 people who lost their lives on stack that day.  I will say a prayer for each of them along with their families.

We will never forget...


  1. Aww great post again this year girlee. After reading this post I seriouly wish my arms would reach up there to your part of Texas so I could give you a big OLE hug!

  2. Excellent post.....and as a transplant to Dallas thank you on the clarification of the whole UT thing. I never understood it but didn't want to ask b/c I did not want to be yelled at for not knowing.

  3. Howdy! I feel like we have a lot in common. While I was not an Ag myself, most of my family is and I remember those fallen ag's every year as well.

    I also did bible drills while growing up but I was not that great at them! I love that verse though.


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