Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day Something Or Other....14 I think

First of all - I ran 4 miles yesterday at a sub 10 min. mile!  I think the mid 50 degree weather is my ideal temperature.  It also felt like it was mostly downhill but counts.  Again, let me say BOO-YA! I was super stoked....after I ran I watched Bill pitch an amazing baseball game.  Seriously he is so cute in his baseball uniform....I should have taken a picture.  Next time......

This morning was Master's Swim - I got in 1800 yds.  Not showing off - not falling behind.  I'm supposed to stay within the 1800 - 2000 yds range....  I felt strong today.  Maybe it has something to do with my good run yesterday. 

I've decided I"m going to wait on the Garmin..... I know I know but my polar is working just fine and the bike shop price is outrageous.  Thank you Lesley, Amber and Crystal for your recommendations - I'll be sure to check out those places! (Plus it gives me a reason to go to Costco)

Day 14 of the Challenge - A picture I love......

I love this picture because this was the first time Bill saw me race.  It was a great race for me but more importantly I loved crossing the finish line and seeing his face.  He gave me a BIG SWEAT HUG AND KISS and I melted instantly.  I would race everyday to see that look on his face of pride and instantly knowing that he believed in me.  I could find more pictures that I "like" better (as far as how we look) but this picture takes the cake for me.  In 2009 when we were broken up and I had started triathlon I always wished he was there.... I had waited a long time for this moment..... I love him and although being apart was probably the best thing we could have done at the time - being back together now is so wonderful.  He is my best friend, my rock, my companion, my love....I love you honey :)  Thank you for always supporting me, always believing in me (even when I don't believe in myself), always kissing hugging and telling me you love me (sweaty and non-sweaty), you are the best and I couldn't do this without you!


  1. Very sweet!! There is something about having someone there to congratulate you in all your sweaty glory at the end of a race that must feel pretty amazing!!

    I'm with you on the garmin - I totally want one, but I totally don't want the cost!!

  2. Perhaps Bill reads your blog and will put a special little package under the tree. ;-)

    17 days until White Rock!

  3. I am with Lesley, I am sure that Bill knows what he MUST do in Xmas time.
    Beautiful picture of a very nice moment.
    Yesterday running, today swimming and ... tomorrow biking?
    Anyway I changed my layout.


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