Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 20: Nicknames

Are you sad I only have 10 days left of this challenge??????? What am I going to blog about when this is all said and done?  I'm sure I'll find something entertaining for you.....or at least what I think is entertaining.


I've always been jealous of people with really cool nicknames....like my friend Newbie.  Although her mother (and sister-in-law) hate it I think it's neat we have a name just for her.  Seriously my kids will call her aunt newbie one day.  Nicknames I've been called (some less consistently than others)

Al: My whole family calls me Al....
Alllie: Some certain friends call me allie
Allie Wallie: Jess called me this
Allie-Tri: Bill calls me this on weeks before races

Pretty uneventful nicknames I suppose......  Do you have any nicknames?

I just spent the first part of my morning at a conference for work.  It was boring....who schedules these things the week of Thanksgiving....BUT.... we are leaving here early today for a team holiday outing. i.e. we are gong to happy hour.  Very thankful I got up early and ran this morning.

The conference today did have an amazing key note speaker.  Scott O'Grady who lives here in Dallas now spoke for about 30 minutes on his experience when he was shot down over Bosnia.  Who can check is WIKI page here....

It was an amazing speech and definetly gave me a new outlook going into Thanksgiving.  I really want to read his book......

He said the 3 things that kept him alive for 6 days while hiding out in Bosnia.... his faith in God, his relationships (family/friends), and his patriotism.   It reminded me of a quote Jessica wrote in her journal...

"My relationships with people are what prepare me for eternal life, and nothing else on earth will matter when I face God.  I will pray that my relationships, not just my close relationships, but all will always take priority over every other thing in my life.  Loving is the most important thing; not work, school or gain.  Character is my legacy."

What is your legacy?  What keeps you going every day?


  1. What a great post! EVERYONE calls me "Rach" since its just short for my name I'm not sure if it counts as a 'nickname' but oh well. My alias is "Moe" I use it any time I'm asked for a name (ie: Bowling Alley).

    Funny side story: I have ALWAYS gone by Moe but Mr. Arkansas always uses a new name. The last time we were at the bowling alley he decided to tell the guy his name was "dick". Needless to say our screen read:


    I can't make this sh*t up :+)it was a total accident, but still funny as hell.

  2. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! That is hilarious!!!!

  3. Legsley... I'm tall, I have long legs, my name is Lesley... natural progression. ;-)

  4. Baha....I have been referred by that since I was a tiny kid. My last name is Bahamundi (Baha-Moon-D) and well it confuses people so they call me Baha.

    I am hoping that my legacy is wrapped around Marathon Makeover in that I was able to help people find their inner runner, and more importantly give people the opportunity to gain confidence not just in training but in other aspects of their life. That is what keeps me going.

  5. I love the quote! I collect quotes, and I'm definitely adding that to the collection.


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