Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A recent picture....

This one is a bit redundant right?  I've posted like a thousand recent pictures of myself... you can click HERE if you want to see some....

In other news....

Thanksgiving is tomorrow (WOOT WOOT!!!) Super excited for a fun filled day with friends and family.  Tomorrow we will spend the day at Bill's dad's house with his family eating, playing cards, catching up and the annual Kelly Brother's Football game.

This football game has been played every year on Thanksgiving since Bill was able to walk.  He is the youngest of four boys and as soon as he was able.....the Thanksgiving Day Kelly Bowl was born.

The teams:  Marc/Bill vs. Jim/Paul

The stadium: the side yard at the Kelly house in Highland Village, TX

The time: roughly 2:00 - post feast/pre cowboy game

The stakes: A very worn, very tattered replica WWE belt that has a strip of athletic tape across the bottom with "Kelly Thanksgiving Bowl Winner", written in Sharpie (it's been on there since the mid 80's - no lie)

The Winner:  Takes home the belt.... one brother has it for six months and then it is shifted to the other brother/teammate for the remainder of the year.....

So far we've only had a few injuries over the years.... nothing major...Bill did however, break his arm one year.

No worries.... I'll have my camera.

Then Friday we will head to my mom's for a late lunch and spending time with my family.

Very thankful that we have these two days to spend with our families and friends and be thankful for so many things.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh man I wish we lived closer because I would totally be a creep and invite myself to watch the "Kelly Bowl" game :+) I hope you have a FANTASTIC thanksgivng!

  2. Have a blast! Love football games on T-day. The best!!

  3. Do you guys want fans? The Kelly Bowl sounds like a better game to me than the CowGirls (yes, I am a Giants fan!!!!!)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!! I'm jealous of all you American bloggers celebrating the holidays..wish our Thanksgiving wasn't over yet!! :)

  5. sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!!


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