Saturday, November 27, 2010


Sorry for the lack of blogging during the holiday HOWEVER - we had an amazing two days and I just couldn't find the time to leave my family and friends and lock myself up in a room to blog.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for everyone of you that read this non-sense too :)

Turkey Day started out with the Turkey Trot: Me and Amber and our "outfits"  Not to be outdone this year.... we went all out:

We finished in right at 32 minutes.  Not the best - but you have to give when it takes 5 minutes to get out to where you can run.  30,000 plus people is a lot to navigate through....

Then Bill and I spent the day with his family - it was wonderful!  Playing with all the kids at his dad's is so fun every year.  His nieces and nephews are just precious!

Some pictures..... please note you will NOT find any pictures of the Kelly bowl.  It didn't happen :( I was so sad...this is the first year they haven't played!!!! Chalk it up to age, the COLD weather, but they weren't having it this year....I guess it's time to pass on the tradition.

Even though there was no football game...we had plenty of food, plenty of laughs and plenty of football.... stupid Cowboys....but YAY A&M!!!

 Bill's Dad and Kyndall setting up Chinese Checkers

 Me and Kyndall

Bill's brother Jim and his daughter Avery (Kyndall above is his daughter too)

 Kristi (Jim's Wife) Kyndall (Kristi/Jim's daughter) and Me

 Dani, Jack and Bill playing Call of Duty - or something....
(Dani and Jack are Bill's oldest brother Marc's kids)

 Me and Bill

 Avery and her first turkey leg!

 Bill and Kyndall (he was SOOO Over pictures at this point)

All the kids..
Kyndall, Dani, Avery, Alex, Joe and Jack

More to come with the McClendon family Thanksgiving


  1. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite. Cool photos, looks about right - smiles on all and little ones tearing around.

  2. A lot of beautiful photos, but the first 2 are special and I am with the socks.

  3. I love your outfits so hard!! lol I'm all about the high, fun socks right now and yours are awesome :D


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