Saturday, November 27, 2010

A thankful kind of thanksgiving....

There were A LOT of people that participated in my family thanksgiving each year....

The guest list this year included:

My mom.....the matriarch, the saint, the chef, the master, the legend...(1)
My sister Anna and her family (4)
  • Anna, Randy, Kaylee, Cooper
My sister Paige and her family (3)
  • Paige, Nick and Shelby
Me and Bill (2)

My friend Karen (1)

Anna and Randy's friend Andy (1)

My mom's cousin Sherri (1)

My sister Anna's in laws (3)
  • Beverly, Bob and sister-in-law Lori
My Grandpa (1)

My Grandpas live in friend, Marion (or WaWa) (1)

That's 18 people total...... I know - it was crazy!  BUT my mom, as I have said before, cooks for an army and we had plenty of food (fully equipped with leftovers for EVERYONE), plenty of laughs, and a spontaneous trip to Winstar.

We are known for notoriously drinking WAY too much at the compound on holidays.  It happens every year.  The first bottle of wine is popped and we are non-stop until dark...or thereafter.  This year...after a few bottles of wine, some vodka/redbull and maybe a beer or two - we got in the car and drove to Winstar.

PSA - my brother in law nick doesn't drink so we had a safe driver.

Me, Bill, Karen, Paige and Nick loaded up about 9 and headed out for some turkey day gambling...... only Karen came home a winner....but it made for a good story and some good bonding time.

I didn't get nearly enough pictures at my mom's ... so these will have to do:

 Mom's Cornbread dressing.... to.die.for

 Sweet potatoes with marshmallows....another FAV

 The only time I eat green beans

 Paige doing a KICK ASS job of carving the turkey

Me and my honey
 Pappy and Nick watching TV
Coop and Shelby

 Bill......see the wine flows....
 Mom and Karen
 The Webb family
 Pappy and Coop
Another one - outside :)

 The kids...Kaylee, Cooper and Shelby
Homemade (from scratch) Cheesecake... I make it for Bill - I hate cheesecake but he loves it
The reason we made it to Winstar


  1. Looks like an awesome day!! Wow, all of the food looks awesome.

  2. Looks like a great day with family and friends. As usual a lot of beautiful pictures. The potatoes look very good.

  3. Oh yum this post totally made me want some Sweet potatoes with marshmallows (again) lol


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