Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm seriously behind in my 30 day challenge.  I think the last post was Day 21 A recent picture and that was LAST WEDNESDAY!!  As much fun as I'm having researching a bio fuel production company and analytically deciding the value of the risk of this business.... I need a break.  Like a serious one from here it goes.... **note this could be a rather long post.......I have A LOT to catch up on**

So here it goes....

Day 22 - Favorite City
Day 23 - Favorite Vacation

I think I can wrap these two up into one post....

Honestly my favorite city is probably Dallas..... I love it here!  There is so much to do!  It probably helps that I grew up here and can find all the fun "local" things.... but it seems that the fun never ends.

There is always an interesting exhibit at the Museum of Art (if you are into that), ALWAYS a Broadway play at the Music Hall, plus more restaurants per capita than any other US city. (seriously!)

It's my home... my family is here, my life is here, and although I'm not opposed to moving if opportunity should take me, I love DALLAS and I love TEXAS!

Seriously.... how pretty is this? (I captured this on my 10 miler yesterday at White Rock - keep reading for that recap)

My favorite vacation is a total toss up.... I loved when Cayla and I went to Hawaii... Seriously LOVED better time than spending a week with your bestie in a tropical paradise, but my two absolute favorite vacay's were Bill and I's first vacation EVER - San Fran and Napa Valley and then one a few years later to Boston and NYC.

I wish I had pictures to share on here (not even an old blog post I can link you to) but those two vacations were amazing.

First - San Fran/Napa - for the obvious reasons.  This was our first get away together after four months of dating.  It was a SUPER romantic trip -- fully complete with lodging at the wineries in Napa.  Bill worked on the wine side of his business at the time so it was total VIP treatment the entire time. Our bungalows at each winery were secluded and private and totally kick ass.

We stayed on property at Fetzer in Mendocino County then headed south to stay at Korbel.  This one was an AMAZING tour/tasting and vineyard.  Seriously if you have time to take a vacay to Napa - it's worth the drive over to Korbel.

After Korbel we headed to Napa and stayed at Franciscan and then headed to San Fran for a two night stay downtown.

It was an AWESOME trip - and one where I completely believe we fell totally in love.  Awww... I know grab a Kleenex.

Secondly was our trip to Boston/NYC a few years later.  For obvious baseball reasons.... going to a game at Fenway was unreal.  Even if you aren't into baseball - you should go!  The have THE BEST stadium food and just being in a historical park is pretty cool.  We didn't have a chance to make it to a Yankees game.  Bill had been to Yankee stadium previously and it just didn't work out in our schedule that year.  Hopefully I will be able to see Yankee stadium one day.... kind of sad I didn't get to see the old one but oh well.

NYC was super fun...Bill surprised me with AWESOME tickets to Chicago on Broadway - we had amazing dinners, went sight seeing, and the typical NYC Shopping.

In Boston we did a complete walking history tour which was so interesting.  That afternoon we rested our feet at Cheers!  I'll never forget that day - Jess was having her second surgery for her brain tumor and Bill and I sat and drank to keep me from being sad the whole time.  I didn't get good cell reception in Cheers because we were in the underground part - as soon as we left I had a text message that she was out of surgery and in recovery and was doing great.  It was a relief!

We could do a stay-cation and have fun together!  Actually last night we were talking about our vacation in 2011.... I think Europe may be on the horizion in the fall of 2011... I sure hope so - we've been DYING to go!

Yesterday I ran 10 miles.... 10 freakin' miles!  Each weekend I surprise myself by going longer distances.  I had a hankering yesterday that "why stop at 13.1 miles next week...."

Can it be I have the desire/will/determination/and self discipline to train for a FULL MARATHON???  I know I do have all of those - but do I believe in myself?  That is the true question...

Maybe after the 70.3 in April I can think about a full marathon...until then I'm enjoying the little accomplishments I make every weekend at White Rock.  Who knew that I would enjoy running so very much.  Can a triathlete become a runner?


  1. Wow girl 10 miles? YOU KICK ASS enough said. Awww I love reading tales about you a Bill keep them coming :+)

  2. How come you can't just say it's worth 7x cash flow + some good will and get back to blogging?

  3. They all sound like awesome vacations!! There is something about being in a new city with that special person that makes it all the more memorable!!

    And congrats on your run!! I am training for a half marathon right now and it's rough..especially with all the snow/ice here. People say that once you run a half, you'll want to run a maybe it's in both our futures! But, one step at a time!

  4. Love running at White Rock, just like you. It is so inspiring and motivating to run there PLUS it is exactly 9 miles....I mean c'mon now....perfection.

    I loved Healdsburg (in between Napa and Sonoma) and from New York and one of my favorite cities of all time is Boston. As you said....great minds think a like.

    A triathlete certainly can become a runner.

    Can't wait to 'meet' you on Saturday. Going to be great.


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