Monday, November 29, 2010

Lessons through my ipod

Day 24 is something I've learned.... Day 25 is 10 songs on my ipod as selected by shuffle mode.

Let's combine the two (I'm good at doing this) and I'll try to tell you something I've learned while trying to relate to the song....this could be tricky but funny or a total BOMB.... we shall see...

This should almost catch me up on my 30 day challenge....... two posts in one tomorrow and we should be good to go...

Ready, set, shuffle...

1. Cross Canadian Ragweed - Long Way Home
     * I've learned that even though home maybe far way - you are never to far away to feel the love of your loved ones.  Home could be the town you grew up in, the town you never lived in, or the town you currently reside in....whatever "home" is for you - it's never too far away.

2. The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love
    *  Doesn't this speak for itself?  You can't buy love, you can't buy trust.... all the things in the world pale in comparison to love (in my opinion)... although love can't pay your mortgage, your electric bill, etc - love can conquer all

3. Graham Colton Band - Morning Light
    * Tomorrow is not promised, today is gift.... live it that way

4.  Bebo Norman - A Page is Turned
    * Although you are not guaranteed tomorrow....when/if it comes.... it is a new day-a new page in your chapter of your life.  Write what you want, make it what you want and live with no regrets

5.  Pink - Raise Your Glass
    * No matter what - there is always room for wine :)

6.  The B-52's Love Shack
   * A house is a house.... love makes it a home

7.  James Taylor - You've Got a Friend
    * Never, ever, ever take for granted your friends.......... ever........

8.  Ray Lamontagne - You Are The Best Thing
    *Although Friends are wonderful, most definitely needed, and somewhat of a foundation - nothing compares to that one person who is the best thing.

9.  Dave Matthews Band - Say Goodbye
    * Saying Goodbye is the hardest thing I've ever done.... especially when the person is no longer living.  Goodbyes are no fun....

10.  Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch
   * sometimes people will be, for lack of better words, crazy bitches......

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