Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Furry and Real families......

That's us... from L to R - Me, Kaylee, Mom, Randy, Cooper, Anna, Paige, Shelby, Nick

This was the last time we had family pics taken in 2008....

My recent favorite picture, however, is this one:

Thanksgiving 2010 at the compound... it describes us perfectly!

Last night I had a nice swim at the gym.  I slept through my alarm for master's swim (SHOCKER!) but I packed all my gear and headed to 24 hour after work.  I got in a good 1500 yds before I had to quit so the aqua class could start.  It really was exactly what I needed to work out the soreness from Sunday's run and Saturday's baseball adventure with Bill.

Saturday I loaded up all three dogs and met Bill at the baseball park where he was hosting tryouts for his select team.  Let me just say, me, three dogs (110pounds, 55 pounds, and 25 pounds), and a Pontiac sedan make for quite the show driving down the turnpike.

While Bill finished up tryouts I let the dogs out and we played fetch for about 15 minutes.  By fetch I mean - I threw the ball and Shakes retrieved it.  Deuce and Lyla ran around like enraged crazy rabid beasts.

When Bill was done we headed to the nature preserve at the end of the park and did the 1 mile loop trail run with the dogs.  They liked it - I liked it - Bill liked it - except for the large sign that said "POISONOUS SNAKE HABITAT STAY ON TRAIL"

I live in Texas people - and that only means one thing....rattlesnakes.... my pace increased.  Pretty sure I ran that bad boy in about 7 min. flat.

After that we walked back over to the baseball fields (but not the most direct way).... we went through other trails and inevitably Shakes found water.

Shakes is a very well behaved dog..... except when it comes to bodies of water.  Shakes will ignore every command if he is around water.  It's not even worth your breath to try and get him away from it... he sees it - he's in.

Before too long (like 30 seconds) all three dogs were in the water having a nice Saturday swim.  All Bill and I could do was sit down and watch.

When they were done - Lyla ran around and got all muddy and gross (she is not very cute dirty).  Not having any towels in the car (swim was unexpected) we decided to hit balls for a little while on one of the fields and let the dogs dry off.  Again - I drive a Pontiac sedan and Bill drives a Honda.....  if ever a need for a truck...Saturday was the day.

I hit two buckets of baseballs (I was good might I add) and then I pitched to Bill (he was way better)... it was super fun...but Sunday I woke up s.o.r.e.

Long story short...... the run Sunday was difficult b/c my body was sore and the swim yesterday just about fixed it I think :)  I feel great today....

So in keeping with the 30 day challenge - Day 27 was pets.... Here are our fur baby's... Deuce, Shakes and Lyla

Shakes - will be 8 in February.  Bill got him when he was six weeks old.  At 8 weeks he had his first seizure.  Irony at it's finest?  He is still epileptic today and we keep him on a constant dose of phenobarbital for severity.  It will never completely eradicate the seizures but helps with the severity of them.  He's 110 pounds of pure sweetness..... he has the bark of a mean dog - but immediately tucks his tail and runs as soon as he sees someone he doesn't know.  Yes, he's THAT scary...  Bill and Shakes have been through alot together.... he's Bill's best companion :)

Deuce - turned six in June.  I got him after my fifth year in college (my extra senior year...what have you).  he was the only yellow one in the litter and I just fell in love with him.  He's been my buddy through so much. 

Lyla -  The newest addition to our little family.  Bill's rule has always been "Animals can not out number humans"... all it took was laying eyes on her for five minutes and he was hooked.   We adopted her from a shelter that saves animals before they are euthanized.  Since Nov. 1 she has stolen our hearts... .(I'm so glad I finally have a LAP dog!)

So there it is.... my family -- furry and otherwise :)


  1. Awww feel free to bring shakes down for a swim at Bungalow when you come down :+)

  2. We men have rules for everything until the eyes....oh those damn eyes and next thing you know....more animals than humans.

    The swim is the perfect elixir. I know exactly how you felt yesterday b/c I was the same way and just plunked down 1,050y and spin bike for 45minutes. Legs felt great. See u on Saturday.


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