Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stressed out......

Day 28 - Something that stresses you out.

Currently it's the fact that yesterday I had zero motivation to do anything work-out related.  I had a dinner for work last night which meant that I would either a. get up early and work out or b. work out during lunch.  Ask me if either happened.......... yea - not so much.

I've been completed exhausted in the mornings...which is odd for me b/c I LOVE the mornings.  I love waking up early getting my work out over and having the rest of the day.  But this week it's been TOUGH... like I'm not waking up until 7:30 tough..... which scares me considering I have a half marathon in 3 days.  Anxious/scared/nervous turns into stress...stress....stress......

I'm starting to freak out that I'm not prepared for Sunday - that I will crash.... I will fall back to hating running.... just when I've started to like it.  I'm stressed because my mileage for cycling and swimming isn't where it should be.... how will I ever be ready for NOLA 70.3?  Training for three disciplines is hard work.....

I'm a big ball of mess right now............

November Training Recap:

Cycling: 32 miles (piss poor......I missed every weekend with my riding group...need to pick that up after WR 1/2 this weekend)
Running: 47.65 miles - the most running miles yet
Swimming: 4.76 miles
Total Miles: 84.41

Now granted - this isn't too shabby for me...running nearly 50 miles in a month is something I NEVER thought I would do.  (had I run yesterday I would have hit over 50 - fyi...dammit ALLISON!)

Today I will get in a light 4 mile easy run (I think Bill is going to run with me) and then tomorrow is an easy 3 miler......I skipped swim today...refer to the top of the page for clarification.

I need to decompress and not stress.... I am ready.I can do this.I will do this


  1. Just breathe. ;)

    You've got it. You've got it in you. You'll do great!

    Awesome numbers. Awesome training. Now go get the rewards of it on Sunday!

  2. I love that I'm bragging about running 2 miles while your saying "an easy 4 mile run" sheesh.

    You are doing awesome girl, have a glass of merlot or two :+)

  3. Rach - you should be bragging :) let tell you 4 miles is still NOT EASY for me..... when I say easy I mean slow :)

  4. Here's your answer

    "I need to decompress and not stress.... I am ready.I can do this.I will do this" - Allison

  5. I love running. I finished marathon full course in 4:29.Not a good record, but I'm proud myself.

    Enjoy it. ;)
    Thanks for following me by the way.

  6. I think this is only a pre-race (and what a race!!) mood. At the start you forget all the thoughts and you will run a great half marathon. I am sure.

  7. You got this in the bag kiddo. Saturday will be here and we will all laugh and relax then on Sunday you line up and use your legs like you have been doing during those 47.65 miles and forget about everything else.

  8. Yes you WILL do it! :-D

    Aren't those puppy faces precious?!?!

  9. Thanks so much for your comment, Allison, and glad you found me!

    I know those same exact concerns around fatigue in the morning AND in the afternoon. Nervous about my Saturday race, but my body usually seems to show up on race day.

    Eager to hear how you do on Sunday and I'm sure your body is going to show up!


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