Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things.....

I'm feeling better today :)  Bill ran with me last night - we only did two miles but ran them in 17 minutes.  That's an 8:30min mile people... a HUGE accomplishment for me.  I was basically sprinting.... but I kept up with Bill and felt good after I was done.

My calf is still giving me loads of trouble.  It takes probably 2-3 miles for it to get warmed up and stop hurting.  I think it's shin splints (it's only my right) so I've been biofreezing and icing like crazy.  I'm wondering if the K-tape people will have a booth at the expo....if so I may look into that.  Other than that - I'm thinking some recovery socks are in order.

I got the go ahead from coach Lea today that I can sign up for the rock and roll half in Dallas in March after I see how Sunday goes.  I have a $10 off coupon that they race people gave out at the Turkey Trot and I have until the 10th to utilize said coupon.  I'm thinking if Sunday goes well (which I hope it does b/c I really really really want to do well) I will sign up.  Amber is going to run that half (it will be her first) and I think it will be super fun.  Plus it will be good to work in for my 70.3 training.

Thanks for all your supportive comments yesterday.... I guess I was having a downer day.  Nothing a little run with Bill, some love and encouragement from you and a late night trip to Yogurtville didn't fix right up. 

Tonight we are getting our Christmas Tree...Boo-ya!  I love this time of year and it's time for Christmas to throw up all over the house.  Watch out may get jingle bells too.  j/k Bill would kill me.....

Last year I did a peppermint themed kicked ass....this year we are doing the same with some baseball ornaments thrown in.  (gotta give some love to can't be ALL about me.)

I think I should hang our finishers medals on the tree too..... we would have 5 could be a good start :)  Maybe it would win me one of those Allied Medal Hanger Giveaways you always see.  Those are pretty awesome.

In other news today is Day 29 of the 30 day challenge.  (*tear* I know)

Three wishes is today's topic....and although I have a laundry list of wishes; I'll leave you with these.  (Since I'm feeling the Christmas spirit.......... a Christmas list of sorts) 

BILL - THIS INFO IS FOR YOU HONEY (or any other family member/friend who feels so inclined to purchase me a gift for Christmas)

1.  My Garmin 305.....

2. A new pair of boots....cowboy boots.... I love mine but I need a new pair

3.  World peace.... haha j/k - I can't think of a third thing right now so I guess I don't have all that much.....

Happy Thursday Friends!!! Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. A run & yogurtville ---- ahhhhhh heaven.

    YAY for boots!! Especially the cowboy kind!

  2. I don't know what size you are, but if you'd like to borrow a pair of compression sleeves (black or white) for the race, let me know and I'll bring them Saturday to dinner. It might help... maybe??? (Mine are size III - calf 12.5-15in.)

  3. Nice run! Glad you're feeling better!

  4. Way to get out there and get rid of the blues with a good run but let's do each other a favor and not use the word JUST. You went two many people do you know that can say that? Way to go and keep up the good work.

    Is Bill coming to dinner on Saturday?

  5. So I've been trying to comment since you first mentioned the Garmin watch. Kenny has one and LOVES it to pieces. It's completely awesome and totally amazing. REI sells them so if you have a membership there you'll get the annual dividend check each year you can apply that towards the purchase of the Garmin. If you have any questions just let me know and Kenny can tell you all the answers. :) Miss you!


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