Friday, December 3, 2010

Today has started off kind of crappy.  I got into a wreck on the way to work.  I'm ok and so is my car but it was very very scary.  My car fishtailed and I ended up perpendicular to traffic on the turnpike.  All that happened to my car was a tiny little scratch above the gas tank.  A lady driving a mini-van barely tapped me.  Thank God because it could have been much MUCH worse.  I was shaky finishing in the drive to work and I've already told my friend here I'm NOT driving to lunch...... but WE ARE going to Fuzzy's Taco Shop b/c I've been craving it. DELICIOUS :)

Today is the last day of the 30 day challenge..... but I think I'm going to defer it to a later date.  For a few reasons:  The topic is "A picture".  I want to go out on a pretty AWESOME note and I have some pretty AWESOME things coming up this weekend....

1.  We will be finished decorating for Christmas (I know you want to see THAT)
2.  My super fun bloggy friend meet up on Saturday with fellow White Rock Runners.  (Vist them, Jason, Melissa, Lesley, Jon, Elaine)  I think a few more are joining and some couldn't join b/c of supporters coming in from out of town - but it should be WAY fun and I'm taking my camera - so bloggers beware.... I will take pictures!!!!
3.  White Rock is Sunday and I should have a ton of awesome pictures from that!!!!!!

So do you mind if I defer?  I could show you a picture of the scratches on my car but that's kind of a bummer and no fun - the three above are WAY more fun!!!

Last night we got our Christmas Tree - an 8 foot Douglas Fir.  I wanted the 10 foot Noble Fir but Bill said we couldn't spend $100 on a tree that will be up a month.  It's in the garage "falling out" currently - hoping to move it in the house tonight and put lights on it!

Tonight we have Bill's niece Dani's 16th birthday party/dinner.  It's a family thing and I'm super excited!  She is such a sweet sweet girl and I can't believe she is 16!  She was 10 when Bill and I first started dating.

Should be a great weekend!!! I'm super excited about the expo tomorrow - b/c I'm a nerd and i.heart.expos :)

I'll be back either Sunday night or Monday.....have a great weekend!!!!


  1. So happy to hear that everything turned out ok. Definitely don't drive and what I wouldn't do for Fuzzy Taco....OMG.....they are opening up one right down the street from me but it can't open soon enough.

    Will be awesome to meet you tomorrow in person.

    Be safe out there.

  2. Have a GREAT weekend dear, it sounds like your plate is full! I can't wait to see photos of the tree... well hell the whole weekend :+)

  3. Oh no that's so scary! Glad you're OK. Rest up this weekend :)

  4. Ugh... I know what you mean about that shaken feeling. Yuck. So thankful for how it turned out.

    See you tomorrow!!!!!!

  5. Sorry I am slow...was too involved with Dexter this weekend! Sounds like a great tree:)



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