Monday, December 6, 2010

Full Race Report to follow name is Allison and I finished a 1/2 marathon this weekend!

WHAT 13.1 miles - I did it!

Full race report later today - I'm working on it - but I wanted to let you know

1. I finished (and under my secret goal time.... I try not to set goals for races...I know, I know)
2. I finished strong...and smiling and crying...
3. I didn't collapse at the finish (or anywhere along the course)
4. Should have a pretty AWESOME report to follow later!

Until then check out these bloggers who also ran the WR (full and half) some race reports are up some are not...but you can click through their blogs (they are AWESOME!)

Karen and Jason

Until later today..


  1. You were awesome. I am typing my race report right now. Will be up shortly.

  2. way to finish strong with a SMILE!

  3. You completely rocked it Allison!!! Your time was stellar for first time out the gate!!! Look forward to maybe running with you at the RnR Dallas, if you don't get tooooo much faster! ;-) Looking forward to the report!

  4. Way to go, that is awesome! You totally rocked it. The key is to have fun and finish with a smile - you did that! Congrats, enjoy your accomplishment!


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