Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm goal person - but I guess by this I mean I'm a list person - which can be used as goals right?  Short term goals in the form of a to-do list - yea that's me.

I love this challenge by the way - it makes me think about things that I wouldn't normally on a daily basis. 

Finish SBJ's Super Surprise
Run 4 miles
Cook Dinner
Close one new business deal (this is looking less and less attainable today)

Next Month:
Run a 1/2 marathon
Finish Christmas Shopping BEFORE Christmas Eve
Make New Year's Resolutions (Does it count to set a goal in order to set your goal?..hmmm)

Next Year:
Complete my first 70.3 distance
Run a marathon
Finish my ARM Designation

Goals without a set end date:
Get Married
Have babies
Sell house - buy new house
Buy new car
European vacation
**seems like all of the goals deal with alot of money**

I'm super stoked about my 9 miler this weekend Jason and his wife Karen are going to meet up with me at WRL and run their last 9 of 22 with little 'ole me!

Jason is a pretty cool dude; although we have never met IRL I read his blog every day (sometimes more when their are multiple posts) and am super stoked that he is organizing a bloggy meet up of DFW folks for the White Rock Marathon and 1/2 Marathon weekend.  If you are running it let me know!!!

Tomorrow: A picture I love......


  1. Ugh my ass is fat, I haven't ran in over a month which is why my ass is fat guess I better get on it before its too big :+)

    PS: Waiting for tomorrows photo... you tease you he he.

  2. Sounds like you have some really great goals...I'm so impressed with your dedication to running, cycling, swimming, keeping in shape!!

  3. PPS: I'm not sure why your healthy goals made me rant about my ass or its size but I know you'll forgive me... right?


  4. Great goals!

    All of my "big life goals" cost a lot of money too! Sigh

  5. JAy for meeting up with Jason & Karen. Sound like a great couple!! I love goals and I love lists!! Keep it up!!

  6. I admire how structured you are with your goals! Enjoy your 9 miler.

  7. Well.....we hate to disappoint but we had to delay our run until sunday and won't get to meet IRL (which by the way I thought stood for Indy Racing League -- yes I'm a man.)

    That blogger/twitter meet-up is happening. Karen just sent me the hotel info so I will look around and email everybody.

    Sorry EMZ but maybe we will print up a pic of you and bring it to the restaurant with us.


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