Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blogger Meet Up and White Rock Pics

 Blogger meet up Saturday at Coal Vines.  Delicious Italian food - pre-race Nutrition info from Jason and Karen's coach - Coach Claudia. 
Back to front (L - R)
Me, Lesley

 Jon and Me

 Jon, Karen, Me

 Pre race pic of the race-bib

 Setting out the outfit - imagining the next day (oh yes and washing sheets - don't mind the bare mattress in the background)

 Pre-race pic ( I was FREEZING!!)
 Just finished!  Medal around the neck!

 My precious Shelby!

 Me and Coop!

 Me and Bill (my biggest supporter!!)

 Me and Cayla (commonly referred to on here as CAB)

 The fam - Mom, Coop, Shelby, Paige, Me and Bill

 Bill pushing the stroller! hahah!! I had to get a pic!

 Mom, Coop and Cayla on the Sky ride at Fair Park

 Bill, Shelby, Paige and Me
 My running partner Ashley! Thanks Ash for an AWESOME 9 miles!

Sunday night- Bill got home from his work dinner and found me laid up on the couch and started laughing.  He took this pic to show me.  All he told me was there was something on my nose and laughed...... THIS is what came out of it..... don't mind the tired eyes and wind burned face!

Hope you enjoyed :)

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