Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pictures to come this evening.....

I had really good intentions of posting pictures last night; but after a 6pm massage I crawled up on the couch with Bill, fajitas and whiskey and diet coke and called it a night.

I've been really good about not drinking...I've tried really really hard to eat clean (except for maybe my one or two trips to Yogurtville) and stay away from the booze.  I rewarded myself last night with a whiskey and diet coke.  It tasted like I imagine Heaven will feel.  Delicious! (Please don't judge that I compared alcohol to heaven)

Sooo - pictures will be up tonight.  There aren't that many; I'm probably just getting your hopes up but I love pictures (taking them and looking at them and being in them) so I hope you will enjoy them.

I'm super excited because I have won a few giveaways lately!  I won Holly (Rustbelt Runner)  Running Chics giveaway and I'm super excited because it totally fits that I just finished my half!  Check out Running Chics when you have a free minute to click around.  They have some pretty sweet stuff and since it's the holiday season you can surely find things to add to your wish list (or purchase for your wives, girlfriends, fiance's, etc)

I also won Molly's (I'm a sleeper baker) Amazing Grass Giveaway!  I'm super excited to take the two week challenge!  This would require me going to my house to check my  mail - I haven't done that in almost a week.  But no worries - I'll be headed home this evening to pick up some work stuff and check my mail - Hopefully I can start the challenge next Monday!

Other than that I'm feeling amazing today!  Back to walking like a normal person - my knees/shins feel great and I'm excited about a recovery run tomorrow.  Now it's on to visualize the big end goal for me; NOLA 70.3!

I took down my countdown timer to White Rock and replaced it with the NOLA countdown.... I can't believe it - it will be here before I know it.

Time to get serious about those swims and bikes I've been putting off to focus on the run for WR... it's go time and I've got it!

Happy Tuesday and don't forget to check out giveaways that are going on ----> over there on my side bar :)


  1. Wow! You are a winner, winner, chicken dinner! Sounds like you had a PERFECT night! Whiskey and coke with a massage!

  2. YAY for being such a winner! :)

    And OH NO!!! Are we saying Yogurtville is bad?! That was my "healthy" option.

  3. I was just about to say what EMZ said... you mean Yogurtville isn't part of eating clean? These are things I don't want to know.

    Running Chics rocks and has stellar customer service.

  4. Yogurtville is def. a more healthy option - until I load it up with chocolate chips, oreo cookies, marshmallows, etc... then it rapidly goes down hill.

    AND - they now have waffle cones.... I'M DOOMED!!!!

  5. quick....go buy a lotto ticket!

  6. You are a winner...in more ways than one. I am a winner for having connected with you.

    And I must be starving b/c I looked at your giveaways and I thought it said: Wifey - FAJITA pants. FAJITA Pants? What would that even be but all I know is I am starving.

    Karen just said we are going to Babe's....yee-haa!


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