Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Semi-Wordless Christmas......

It's been crazy around here.... I'm on vacation this week which totally rocks my socks off.  I love not having anything to do this week besides take the Christmas tree down and clean up around the house.  I can sleep in (and not feel guilty), play with my pups, and workout whenever I want to.  Oh yes and make sure dinner is ready when Bill gets home from the gym :)

Christmas was awesome at the compound!  Shall we review in pictures?  They speak louder than words anyway...

Kaylee and Cooper Making Christmas Cookies
 The table set up

 Coop helping me make the cheesecake

A good glass of cab

 homemade oreo truffles - by yours truly!

 My mommy and me!

 Lyla picking up crumbs

 A 17 pound, 7 rib, bone in prime rib - DELICIOUS! Marinated Christmas Eve...consumed Christmas Day!

 The spread on Christmas Eve

 Oh yes there was wine...

 Opening the goods...

 My sisters!

 Youngest niece Shelby (terrible pic of me)

 Shelby got a new gymnastics outfit from Kaylee

Freeze Dance Tag!
 The gang (minus Bill he was working)

 Coop and Shelby

 Me and my oldest niece Kaylee

My precious little loves

 My three little loves in our Christmas PJ's.

 The girls...

 Tracking Santa...

 All of the crazies...

 Part of Christmas morning...

 21 stockings were hung by the fire..... (all animals included...dogs, horses, etc)

 Coop was giving Bill a back massage...

 Me and my Pappy

 Pappy, Kaylee, and Coop

Who will get the wish from the wishbone?
 Christmas day...

And my favorite of Shelby........ Instead of saying Cheese....she was saying yelling "DONUTS!!!"


  1. Wow it looks like you guys had a fabulous time! I am thinking I will need your recipe for oreo truffles as well. But lets wait until Summer so I can loose my winter fluff first! Enjoy your vacation this week. I'm at the office but the phones are silent I'm the only one on my floor, its nice.

  2. Looks like a great holiday! I smiled when I thought of the girl screaming "donuts".

  3. Love your santa apron nd the PJ pics make me want to go put a pair on...NOW!!

  4. That is just awesome. And BTW - Love the new header.

    Love Pappy....I want to meet him.

    Aren't those oreo truffles to die for. Had to tell Karen to remove them from the premises pronto otherwise I would be the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man during the next holiday parade.

  5. You guys had a blast !! good family times. And that cab and prime rib is on my mind now.

  6. Rach - let me know when you want the recipe - they are super easy!!!

    Big Clyde - it was hilarious! She kept yelling "DONUTS!" but it was making her smile and so it made me smile :)

    Jess - the pj's are super comfy - I would have stayed in them all christmas day and we not had to split time with Bill's fam.

    Jason - you inspired my header - and by inspired, I mean I totally stole it.

    Craig - INDULGE - 'tis the season after all!

  7. There's a lot of cuteness in that house.

    Oreo truffles? My box must've gotten lost in the mail. ;-)


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