Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking backward, forward and inward.....

As 2011 is on the horizon I'm sure it is to bring many great accomplishments for you and for me.  I have been thinking A LOT the past few days about 2011 and what I really want to accomplish...... As most people do, I  make resolutions that I probably have a 50/50 shot of keeping.....

I make more than I know is feasibly possible so when I cross off 50% of them on my list I can actually feel like I attained something...rather than making two and keeping true to one...make sense?

Looking backward in 2010 it was a significant year of growth for me; personally, athletically, and professionally.


Bill and I found our way back to one another, and all though, the road has not been "smooth" over the past 12 months it is sure to be paving out nicely now.  Like every other relationship that is "rebuilding" we have our ups and downs - but we are in a good place and continue to grow together.

I continue to grieve the loss of my best friend, Jessica.  She was truly my heart and may sound weird to say that about a best friend, but she knew me better than anyone.  I miss her everyday and still cope with the fact that in our earthly world I will not see her again.  It is a struggle every day when I think of her......but it also puts an enormous smile on my face.  To have something make you so sad yet so happy all in one breath is something I can not explain.

My relationship with my family has grown tremendously over the last 12 months.  I love my family and without them; well I wouldn't be here.  They continue to support me in every decision I make and are always my biggest fan.

Of course, it wouldn't be a good post without mentioning all of you!  My blog has been a tremendous avenue for meeting (virtually) new friends that support me and continue to be non-judgmental.  It is a brave act to put yourself out on the web; and with that comes the opportunity for criticism.  I think I have the best readers in the world..... you never judge, you always listen, and I appreciate all the sweet sweet comments and emails you send.

I know I have been horrible (HORRIBLE!) about commenting lately on YOUR blogs, but I do read every day and I promise to comment more in 2011 :)


I changed careers in July 2010 and it was by far the best decision I have made in my professional life.  The opportunities I have at my new company widely surpass those of the past.  I found out today I am getting a bonus on 1.7.2011 - that can't come fast enough!


Where do I start here?  Although my race count isn't very high this year I have made LEAPS AND BOUNDS in endurance, stamina, and believing in myself.  I never thought I would run a half marathon or have the desire to complete a Half-Ironman; but low and behold I have finished the half marathon and well on my way to achieving the half-ironman.  I have met so many amazing people through my multi-sport lifestyle as well as my blogging, I'm so appreciative for each and every one of you.  You let me share my neurotic, random, rambling stories - post un-Godly amount of pictures, and just accept this blog for what it is - me on paper.

In 2010 - I PR'd a 5K, 10K, 15K and a half marathon.  I made huge strides on biking capabilities and even larger strides on my running.

I look forward to 1,000 mile challenge in 2011 with Tall Mom - Hoping I can get a jump start over the first 4 months with my 70.3 training.

All - in - all 2010 has been one HELL OF A YEAR.

What do you want your 2011 to look like?  You can mold, shape, dream it to be anything you want it to be....


  1. Wow girl you sure have had a big year! I have truely enjoyed getting to know you this year dear!

    PS: My 2011 is going to kick ass :+)

  2. PPS: I love that your blog is YOU on paper, its my favorite part :+) wait does the web count as paper?

  3. Happy New Year Allison - best of luck on 50% of your goals!

  4. My thoughts as I was reading this post is that it isn't you that was lucky it is us that are lucky to have found your blog and gone through your 2010 with you. And I for one am super excited to go through 2011 and beyond with you.

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

  5. Amazing- 70.3 nuff said. Congrats on your relationship rebuild also. Very delicate instrument isn't it.

  6. You had a wonderful year. Sorry for the loss.
    Good luck on your goals.
    Happy 2011

  7. Wow! I'm new to your blog but I just want to congratulate you on your accomplishments in the past year! You are awesome :) and definitely an inspiration!


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