Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day in Tejas...

As you may have heard by now all of us DFW'd-ers are 'snowed in'.  Mother Nature dumped about 2 inches of ice and snow and is delivering 35+ mile an hour winds.  Majority of schools, businesses, airports are shut down.

As we speak I'm cuddled up by this:
blogger is currently being stubborn is rotating my pictures....

And Bill is at my house turning on my heat, opening cabinets, wrapping pipes and letting water drip.  We may see single digits tonight and to avoid a disaster at the vacant home 1 mile down the road he's taking care of me.  Sweet boy didn't want me to have to get out in this.  I don't think he's necessarily HAPPY about having to go over there but he is going none the less and I love him for it.

So until he gets back and we can enjoy a day cuddled up on the couch together watching movies I thought I'd update y'all.

Last night I had a 2500 yd swim scheduled.  I headed to the gym after work to get it in before we went to dinner with Bill's dad and brothers. I ALWAYS rush to get changed and get in the pool b/c the 24 hour fitness by my work only has a 2 lap lane pool.  If I get there too late - well - it's too late.

I hop in and start swimming.

500 warm up. *check*
6 x50's kick - alternating with kick board and then dolphin *check*
500 pull with buoy and fins *check*

1300 yds done....

I planned on swimming 1000yds for time.  Ready.set.freestyle.....

I count my yds in 50 yd increments.  soooo 20 x 50 = 1000.

1...2...3...4...5...6...7............7 1/2

I was turning around to finish my 8th 50 ... half way back I get hit in the head with the lane divider. I didn't know that aqua class was starting at 6:30.

I popped out of the water - thinking I had gotten in her way and this (I will exclude the profanity) woman copped attitude with me.  Here's our dialogue.

Me: "Oh my goodness - I'm so sorry"

Aqua bitch: "Um we have class"

Me" "Sure no problem - what time does it start"

Aqua bitch: "The internet says 6:15"

Me: "OK well I'm sorry to be in your way, are you sure it's 6:15 b/c it's already 6:20 and I don't see your instructor"

Aqua bitch: "I saaaaaaaaaid 6:15"

* At this point another lady jumps in and says "Actually we start at 6:30"*

Me: "Great I'll be out as soon as your teacher gets here - give me 10 minutes until your class starts and I"ll be more than happy to get out"

Finish 8

9....10....11....12.....13.....13 1/2


Aqua bitch #2 - jumps, literally got air and jumped off the side into the "deeper" end of the pool - almost on top of me

Again - I pop out of the water........

Me: "I'm so sorry was I in your way?"

Aqua bitch 2: "No - We told you we have aqua class"

Me; IRRITATED AS ALL GET OUT: "and i said I would get out as soon as your instructor got here which is not for another 5 minutes."

Aqua bitch 2; mumbles something under her breath

Me:  Starting swimming with a little extra kick/splash


Thanks for the open water training in the pool with the waves and such...

18........ instructor shows up....dammit I only had 100 yds left.

Swim: 2400 yds...... despite the aqua bitches.


  1. sO MANY things you probably could had, and would have love to say. Good for you at just moving on.

  2. First you are soooo much nicer than I am. They would have had a much different reaction from me... so they are lucky.

    I totally want to drive to DFW head to your gym in the am - wearing the worst swim suit a g-string moo-moo comes to mind (yes they sale them) and then wait like a stalker only I'd be a Aqua Bitch Stalker maybe scare them a little...

    Just a thought :+)

  3. Ohhhhhhh I can go on and on and on and on about this subject!!! I am an easy going guy, but aqua (I like your name better) get under my skin!!! I am all for fitness, whatever fitness you like to do, if you like water aerobics, good for them, BUT they need to learn they NEED to learn how to share!!!! I know when their classes start and I try to get out when the instructor arrives, just like you, BUT they can use the other lane while waiting. and let me swim, i am not bothering people, its AN OPEN POOL TILL CLASS STARTS!!! I swear that they all conspire against the swimmers, even on none class day (I have 3 lanes) I will show up to swim and there will be 3 aqua b@#$% all taking their own lane, and LIKE HECK will they take there stationary exercising and share a lane, they need that whole lane to themselves for their 10 feet of room to do what they do. I am alllllll fired up now, I am gonna stop, I will keep rambling if I dont.

  4. I love how you call them Aqua bitches!!! I must find a way to use that in the future. I love reading about your workouts...even though it makes me feel super lazy:)

  5. my goodness those auqua B's are nuts! you were way nicer than I would have been! As for this weather, girl, I wish we only had 2 inches. Chicago is getting 2-3 feet and we ARE shut down. Work is called off tomorrow for hubby and I. Awww shooot! :)

  6. Bill said the same thing - that I am way nicer than I should have been. But oh well - they were bigger than me and could have all gotten together and taken me down.

    I feel the same way BDD, I am all about fitness and am so happy that they are there and moving and working out - BUT SERIOUSLY - WORK ON YOUR ATTITUDE!!!

  7. Aqua Bitch 1 & 2 !!! hahaha ... good job rattling off the laps even after the battles

  8. I love the label of this post...wtf.....LOL! Hilarious.

    What is not so funny are the two aqua biatches trying to take you down. Good thing you have been practicing the flip turns so the splashing and jumping on top of you didn't affect you that much.

  9. oh boy, I hear ya!!! I don't understand why they take over the whole pool up to 30 minutes before class starts! Drives me nutso. I just karate chop them if they get in my way. I don't slow down, I take no prisoners.


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