Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

First off - let me say I had an AWESOME training week last week.  It wasn't necessarily the quality of the workouts or any extra effort I put into it - it was that I hit all 7 days of workout - 100%!

It is a great feeling to know that you accomplished your goals and it is even better when you can FEEL yourself getting stronger.  I think by adding weights and core work 2-3 times a week over the last three weeks has made a HUGE difference.  I have lost 4 pounds over the last few weeks and can actually start seeing the difference in the way my clothes fit.  I put on a pair of pants today that used to be a little tight, not like "she needs one size bigger" tight - but snug - and the they are loose on me today.  I am having a good Monday.

Now on to the weekend.....

I was scheduled to do a 4 mile interval run on Friday.  Run at 80% for 8 minutes, walk 2 repeat until I hit 4 miles.

Bill hadn't run outside since we ran 2 miles together awhile ago (and I PR'd with like an 8min something mile - I was sprinting basically the entire time.) so he was a little nervous to do 4 with me, but I knew he could do it.  He is in so much better shape than he gives himself credit for. 

I got out of work early on Friday and was very excited to spend some time outside since it was 70 degrees and GORGEOUS!  We hit up the gym for weights first then headed outside to the greenbelt for a 4 miler.  FYI - I love my GARMIN!

We had an awesome run is one of the best feelings - us being active together and taking responsibility to be healthy together.  With the history of heart disease in both our families it gives me a little extra warm and fuzzy each time we workout and eat healthy.

Friday night we decided to try a new restaurant.  We are big on trying new places..... we found an authentic German restaurant in Plano, The Bavarian Grill.

Umm.. it was every bit of goodness that it sounds.  We started with a cheese plate (Camembert, Emmentaler, Gruyere and smoked Gouda), then a mixed salad with carrots, green beans, cucumber dill, tomatoes with green onions and pickled beets.  (not a fan of beets)
For dinner I chose some form of schnitzel that was delicious with a potato pancake and a mixed salad.  Bill had some dumpling something or other with a bunch of mushrooms and it was scrumptious.  Everything was in German so pardon my lack of description….I weighed HEAVILY on the waitress’s suggestions.

We each had a few German beers…again not sure of the names.  I had a hefeweizen I know for the first one – not sure the second and I have no clue what Bill had. (good descriptions huh?)

It wouldn’t have been complete without dessert – a chocolate cake of pure decadence and an apple strudel – yes we had both don’t judge!!!!

Saturday I went and met up with Cayla to ride bikes.  We got some good mileage in and for fun stopped and took this pic.

If you follow me on Twitter (@allie0622) you’ve seen this before!
We hung out for awhile – ate on a patio because the weather was PERFECT AGAIN! And then I headed home.  Bill was out with some friends prepping baseballs for the Texas Rangers spring training.  Don’t ask me – all I know is they rub a specially ordered type of mud on all the balls and have a BBQ. 

Sunday we met up with my friend Laura, Karen and Randy, and Cayla for breakfast.  Laura was in town for the stock show and it was great to see her!  We were college roommates and had one too many o’ fun time together.

Karen, Randy, Bill and I headed to ZestFest 2011  It was festival of hot sauce, salsa, dips and all around indulgence.  After a big breakfast it probably wasn’t the best idea – but we had fun anyway.

Bill took some ridiculous challenge of 7 hot sauces…the last one being called “Black Mamba” he was hurting until this morning if that tells you anything.  Good News….we got a pic of him in his winning gear

He was a trooper and headed to the gym on Sunday night with me…. He lifted weights and ran and I just ran.  After that a serious hurricane of cleaning hit our house and we went to town.  Baseboards, fan blades, showers, tubs, you name it – it all got cleaned.  Boo – ya!  Lovin’ a clean house!

Coming up this week:

A week packed full of AWESOME Superbowl parties!!!! Bill scored tickets to an event almost every night this week through work.  Go ahead ask….”Allison, what party are you most excited about?”

You got that right – Bill got us tickets to the PRIVATE B.E.P concert on Friday night.  So freakin’ excited I almost peed my pants.  Seriously- I almost peed…he told me when I had to go to the bathroom reallly really bad! Haha! 

Lots of training – did a weight and core workout at lunch today – check the side bar for other workouts.

Busy work week – as usual.  But this keeps me motivated…

Yes that's my Matty Run Run sticker on my cube at work....Seriously having a bad day? A pink unicorn can cheer anyone up!
Jason is also coming up to work on Friday to speak with our walking/running group.  VERY EXCITED ABOUT THAT!! Nutrition is a HUGE interest for the folks in our walking program and I think Jason's knowledge is going to be very helpful for them!  Not to mention I hope he gets like 10 new participants in MM!

I will see A LOT of these this week:
The Packers are staying across the street from my office....... guaranteed to see at least a few prostitutes this week.  (follow me on twitter and you would have heard that joke a few days ago - yes I'm reusing it.  I'm sure Daniel Tosh reuses jokes too... @allie0622)  I may be making a few extra trips to Starbucks just to see what I can know what I mean?

How was your weekend?????


  1. Wow girl you are kicking ass and cutting grass (I know I should've been a rapper with my man rhymes)... That's awesome about Bill getting your guys tickets - I maybe a little jealous :+)

  2. Nice work getting all the training in, I am super jealous you are able to ride outdoors, here in grey sky Ohio, it hasnt been above freezing for a while now

  3. Wow, you made that restaurant really appealing-sounding. I guess we'll have to go to find out what they actually serve. :)

  4. Congrats on hitting all your workouts! Strength and core, I'm a believer, makes us better runners and (for you) a triathlete.
    So very jealous about your Black Eyed Peas concert. Have a blast!


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