Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baaaaah Baaaah boyfriend....

Can you GET any sweeter?  (in an awesome Chandler voice)

Last night I had had a long day at work (par for the course these days) - Bill had set out rack of lamb to thaw on Monday for Tuesday's dinner.  I came home and he had already marinated the lamb and was about to put it into the oven. 
Fast forward three hours (I'll come back to the details of these three hours in a minute)

He comes home from baseball......I'm on the couch wishing I had stopped and gotten yogurt (YOGURTVILLE!) after the gym.......he busts through the back door, kisses me and heads straight for the kitchen....

2 minutes pass....

He is standing by the couch with Rocky Road ice cream and a spoon........he knows me and MY sweet tooth so well.  How sweet is he? 

So back to dinner...

Bill made the rack of lamb just perfectly and I made the side of asparagus.... but not just ANY asparagus....

Asparagus with Parmesan-lemon vinaigrette.  Sounds delicious doesn't it... (pictures are terrible quality they are from my iphone)
Start with Parsley, Parmesan, and onion (or shallot)

Grab some olive oil

and feta

Mix with lemon juice and olive oil

Drizzle olive oil and salt and pepper on the asparagus and roast for 6-10 min under the broiler

Top with vinaigrette

Throw on some feta (b/c I love feta)

And serve......
 I had an awesome run last night at the gym.  I was dreading going after dinner...I was tired, full and really really just wanted to lay on the couch.  But I got up, got dressed and headed for a quick 3 mile.  I've been wanting to break the 10 min. mile hurdle for a while so I try and try and try and push myself every time I run.  My running has backed off lately due to the calf/shin issue and I've had a terrible few weeks of workouts - so I NEEDED a good run.  29:41 - 3 miles - 9:50 mile.  No ipod either.  I'm trying to train myself to run without my ipod since I won't have it at NOLA70.3  they are forbidden in any USAT sanctioned race. 

It's easy on the smaller distance runs....but it's tough on long distances.  I like my music - it motivates me.

But that's beside the point....

I got in a great run, came home showered, caught up on some blogs and waited for Bill to get home to watch Biggest Loser.

I didn't watch the SOTU - I know how un-American - I 'll catch the recaps online today.

For now, I'm off to meet the handyman at my house for a quote for the stuff that needs to  be completed in order to put it up on the market.

Wish me luck!


  1. Yum asparagus! Have fun getting the house ready.

  2. Awesome looking dinner... now I want lamb. I'm going to be emailing you today so be on the look out :+)

  3. Email me your long run schedule... maybe we can do some of them together.

  4. My husband loves asparagus. I'll have to try that. Congrats on the great run. Music is a huge motivator for me too. I prefer to have it but I've survived on the runs I couldn't have my iPod.

  5. That looks fabulous! I love the simplicity of the asparagus!

    Hope you enjoyed your yogurt!!!

  6. You make asparagus look so delightful! Plus, the context around making the meal made it so much more appealing.

    Strange question (feel free not to answer): do you have ANY idea how to make your pee not smell that weird asparagus way after you eat it? That's literally the only thing holding me back from eating it weekly.

  7. That asparagus looks so good. Need to figure out a way to add in a vegan cheese instead of feta but feta is sooooo good.

    Hope the handyman leaves you a great quote and seriously Bill is one awesome dude and you are one lucky gal.

    Definitely keep training without the iPod. It gets easier and you won't know why you ever used it in the first place. You can listen to your breathe and your feet on the pavement and create music on your own while you are running from the sounds of nature all around you.

  8. everything about that recipe looks amazing except the asparagus I'm afraid....but that's just me.

  9. I've never been brave enough to make a rack of lamb, yet lamb is my favorite. I ask for it every year on my birthday. Maybe you could come and cook for me on 2/22.

    Love asparagus. And the pee fumes after.

  10. Bahahahha I just found your blog and I LOVE the 'Chandler Voice' perfect! :)
    Oh and the Asparagus looks yummy!


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