Monday, January 24, 2011

Training, Tweeting, and Retail Therapy

I'm feeling much much much better.  Last week I was totally a loser and skipped about a billion workouts... I wasn't feeling it, I was tired, run down, stressed and overworked.  I took the weekend to RELAX, RELOAD and enjoy my 2 hr trainer ride on Saturday.  I skipped running yesterday and instead got a  I went to bed woke up at 4:30am rested and ready to swim at Masters.  I got in 2400 yds this morning and finally feeling like myself again.

This whole training thing is cyclical.... ups, downs, and all the in betweens - BUT so worth it in the end.

Tonight - round #2 at the gym for a 60 minute spin class.

In other news -

I spent $85 yesterday at Ross.  Don't judge me.  I love Ross - but only when I'm in the "mood".  We needed to spice the house up a little bit - you know curtains, welcome mats, kitchen mats, those sorts of things that Bill is never going to buy.  Him being color blind really is really an advantage to me when it comes to decorating the house.  :) Love you honey!

For $85 I purchased

3 sets of curtains - 2 for the kitchen and 1 for the window by the front door
1 - outside welcome mat
1 - set of king sheets
1 - entry rug
1 - kitchen rug
1 - toilet paper holder for the guest bath
1 - soap dispenser for the guest bat (that's getting returned b/c it came witout a spout)

That's alot of stuff for $85.  I had previously went to Kohl's and one set of sheets was more than that.  (and the Ross sheets aren't crappy sheets either - they are super soft (I forget the thread count), super comfy and we slept like babies last night)

Oh yes, I joined Twitter yesterday (@allie0622) - So follow me - and if you want to read my BFF's antics you can follow her too (@caylaann03) Just now getting on this twitter bandwagon so if you tweet comment and leave me your name and I'll follow you :)  Welcome to 2011 Allison :)

I had over 500 unread blog posts on my google reader yesterday - b/c of traveling the last few weeks and just being plain out of it - they accumulated pretty quickly.  I marked them all as read and started a do over... you can expect more comments from me starting NOW!!!

Now I'm off to find a race for February...... putting off starting work until I absolutely HAVE TO!


  1. Man you sure cleaned up $85 bucks for all that, you sure did some bargain shopping! Hubs shrunk one of the curtain in the dining room - now I must replace all four pannels :+)

    PS: I have wanted new curtains to his slip up totally made me happy - he's still confused.

  2. Now. That. My. Friend. Is $85. Well. Spent. Dollars.

    Love. It.

  3. Hey Twittie friend....welcome to the new wave and now you and I can follow blogs, twitters, facebooks and who knows what else is next.

    I am running he 19th of February if you want in. Playtri on the 19th of February if you want in.

  4. Hey. I will look you up on Twitter after my run. I am @caratunkgirl

    Well spent $85!!

    What race did you sign up for???


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